200Pcs/Box Soft Fishing Lures Kit Swimming Earthworm Baits Lifelike Fake Fish Artificial Red Worm Lures (200Pcs/Box)


【High-quality Silicone Material】Made of high quality silicone materials to simulate fishing lures are More robust. Environmental protection material, durable, non-toxic and can effectively attract the attention of fish.Lifelike red earthworms can attract fish more quickly.
【Widely Used】suitable for seaside fishing or ocean fishing. The fishing place is wider.
【200Pcs/box &Clean】200 PCS Artificial Earthworm Fishing Lures Soft Silicone Worms Fishing Bait(Dark Red)Enough to meet your daily fishing needs,The size of the red worm soft bait is 1.78 in, suitable for multi-scene fishing, packed in a box, more portable and convenient to store.
【Method Of Use】Wear to reveal the hook bait when using sharp stab convenient fish mouth, Can be used multiple times. The fake bait can be cut as needed.

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Product Description

Sukia 200pcs/box soft fishing lures kit

Package includes 200 pieces of floating fake earthworms
Lake fishing sets made of high quality silicone plastic material, lightweight and durable. Meet your different needs, stick baits are versatile under varied freshwater or saltwater fishing situations
Earthworm shaped design, create life-like swimming actions in water, grabbing the attention of fish. Make fishing easier
The material is strong and durable,reusable, non-toxic and harmless, and does not dirty your hands when you use it.

Special small medicine processing

Earthworm fishing lure made of silicone material is more durable, protecting the environment and it can be recycled
Use non-toxic and harmless liquid medicine to make the taste of earthworm fishing lures attract the attention of big fish

Humanized design & multiple usage methods

When attracting small fish, you can cut them short and use them in sections
You can also make them into fishing lure moulds,Enhance its attractiveness
Specially designed for fishhook puncture, it is more perfect to use them with fishhook

Silicone materials

Red ribbed worms made of silicone rubber material, it is strong and durable, more flexible to use and attractive to big fish

Bright color

Earthworm shaped design, create life-like swimming actions in water, Brighter Colors grabbing the attention of fish

Widely used

Suitable for seaside fishing or ocean fishing. The fishing place is wider.Such as luya fishing,sea fishing ,taiwan fishing and freshwater fishing,different kinds of fishes, such as carp,walleye redfish, silver carp, bass, etc.




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