CLEVAST Air Purifier for Home – H13 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner Quality Sensors for Large Room Up to 968 Sq.Ft, Low Noise, Remove 99.99% Smoke, Pollen, Pet Dander, Dust (CL-AP400)

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  • NEW STRONG WIND ROAD SYSTEM: We developed a higher wind pressure at the back of the centrifugal fan. We also improved pressurization ducts and the layout of the air grille for more efficient flow pathways. The air can enter in 360 degrees at the bottom of the unit. Maximum wind speed of the air purifier can reach 1680r/min. The powerful air path system allows the air purifier to purify 968 ft² in 30 minutes.
  • JAPANESE NIDEC MOTOR: We have imported Japanese Nidec motors to use with our air purifier which are best suitable to those with sleep disorders. High quality motors not only can significantly reduce the noise level to 32dB but also make the CLEVAST purifier more durable and stable. The air purifier uses a high-definition digital screen to display PM2.5 value of the air real-time and has three-color light ring to visually display air quality.
  • EASY OPERATION & ENERGY SAVING: Adjust the fan speed model(6 fan speed modes/Sleep mode/Automatic mode) of the portable air purifier to clean different air quality and depending on personal preference. 12 timer options allow you set the air purifier operating time. The check filter indicator will let you know when it’s time for a fresh filter. New technology-lock sets can avoid error operations efficiently caused by pets or children out of curiosity.
  • ADVANCED 3-STAGE FILTRATION: The powerful filtration system consists of a combination of pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and H13 true HEPA filter. The HEPA air purifier can clean 99.97% of formaldehyde, VOCs, hair, smoke, pet dander, harmful gases and other fine particles up to 0.3 microns in size (Search for B088LLWZQW for a replacement filter.)

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The CL-AP400 is equipped with a high precision PM1.0 sensor and uses a 3-stage filtration system featuring a primary filter, true HEPA filter, and highly efficient activated carbon filter trusted to clean 99.97% of fine particles as small as 0.3 microns.


1. For best results, make sure to keep the windows closed while the air purifier is operating.

2. Open the windows regularly to maintain proper air circulation throughout your home.

3. Always allow 15 inches of clearance on all sides of the purifier.

4. Ensure the Filter is properly positioned in the purifier before use.

33 reviews for CLEVAST Air Purifier for Home – H13 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner Quality Sensors for Large Room Up to 968 Sq.Ft, Low Noise, Remove 99.99% Smoke, Pollen, Pet Dander, Dust (CL-AP400)

  1. Soni M

    I love it … it makes my room feel fresh and I enjoy sleeping with the sound it’s very calm

  2. Jefferson B. Young, Jr.

    Just what we needed. Works 100% as advertised!

  3. Emanuel B.

    I have zero dislikes about the air purifier. It’s quiet, and after running it for a few hours it got rid of the really bad cat litter smell in my bedroom. As soon as my cat uses the litter box my whole room smells like feces and nothing got rid of the smell, it got to the point where I started sleeping in another bedroom, until I bought this air purifier. The air in my room smells fresh and clean after running it for a few hours on high, I leave it on high because it’s so quiet and keeps the smells away. Definitely purchasing mote in the future.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great support from the manufacturer


    Medium size unit, but doesn’t take up a lot of space. Easy to around, fairly light. Noise level on lowest setting is quiet. High is a bit louder, of course. Like that light comes on when air is Smokey. Cleans it up great. Have had it 1 month. Wish filters were cleanable as hate added expense of using it.

  6. Melanie and Jordan

    I have 2 of these and plan to get more because of how great these are. The sleep mode and air quality tester are very nice features. I notice a difference in air quality after running it.

  7. James Mitchell

    I’ve now used this product for a month and I’m very satisfied with it. Even on it’s highest setting it isn’t unbearably loud. It is a perfect size and we let it sit beside our couch in the living room. We feel like it’s been doing a good job at it’s primary function of air purifying. If I purchase another for another room, We will be purchasing this one again.

  8. kim1219

    Super quiet, looks really nice. Not too big, not too small. Really like it so far.

  9. J PattJ Patt

    Let me start by saying, I own four other air purifiers. Air quality is very important to me. The thing that sets this one apart is the Air Quality indicator. The unit has a real-time display of indoor air quality. The light shows green, orange, or red. When I first turned it on it was orange. It’s been running for 10 minutes and now shows green. The unit has several settings. The highest setting is very loud but the low setting is so quiet I didn’t even have to adjust the volume on the television. If you aren’t someone who likes to read directions, STOP and pay attention. You need to remove the filter from a plastic bag before using it. I’m glad I read the instructions first! The filter is a better quality than all the others we have. It has the pleated part but also has a white mesh around it. There’s a carbon liner as well. I don’t know how the replacement costs are for the filters but for now, this is a great value. I’ll update this review if anything changes. Happy healthy breathing!

  10. hanchao

    Very good air purifier. It’s not big or small, it just fits in the room.Can absorb dust and odor.

  11. Natures Retreat

    I tried this in a larger room and it did not do a good job at all. Moved it to a room with not a lot of furniture and only about 200 sqft, and it works great.

  12. Lisa

    Very quiet, great price

  13. Elissa Stephens

    So far it seems to be working from what I have seen since I got it today I followed the instructions inside the box my only concern is that leaving it on the floor maybe not a such a good idea because I have 11 dogs and 3 puppies and I’m concerned that one may lift his legs and mark it so I put it up on a old nightstand to make sure they don’t lift there legs on it

  14. Elisa russo


  15. Ana Canelas

    I bought them for my kids and I love it, quiet

  16. Jorge ManchiaJorge Manchia

    excellent air purifier I really recommend it 5 ⭐️

  17. Danny D’s

    I can tell a difference in the air quality in the first day.

  18. Gilbert G. Garcia

    Quiet, good fan, good communication controls. Needs wheels.

  19. Charlotte K.

    This is a nice air purifier at a nice price.

  20. Cajebo

    We’ve had this for a little over a week now and it has turned out to be one of the better home-deviceinvestments we’ve made.

  21. Dianne Miller

    I ordered the first one and it showed up with a defect of where it was suppose to plug it! It didn’t have a spot but customer service immediately sent me another out and it arrived today with no issues! Working great ~ will know more in a few days!

  22. Sharon

    Everything in the description is correct. And it works very well, I can tell the difference now when I turn it off.What they don’t tell you is first, it literally lowers the temp in the room. Second, the replacement filters are $40. If I buy another I’ll go with a reusable filter.

  23. amy f alvera

    This is a great little air cleaner. I am a smoker and this little jewel really does filter the smoke. I have it in the living room and it works really well. Because it is smallish I put it up on a plant stand so it could easily suck in the smoke. On the floor doesn’t cut it. It is “white” noise and doesn’t interfere with the tv audio. Overall very happy with it.

  24. Faye Cutbirth

    It’s an appropriate size…………and it works beautifully.

  25. Fluffy

    The soft white noise lulls you to sleep. Keeps air fresh. Sleep mode is excellent. No lights shining in a dark room. Several speeds available. I let mine run almost continuously.

  26. Michael

    Device is excellent. Works great. Not loud. Cleans air as it should very fast. I have 2 dogs and if there’s a pet odor smell when I get home I’ll turn this guy on and it cleans the air within 15 minutes.


    Very good

  28. Michael

    Good product. Very nice for odor and air filtration. Runs a little louder (sounds like white noise though) but that’s about it. Cool product!

  29. Ashley

    This is a cool product, it pretty much has no noise, I usually have to go put my hand over it to see if it is on. It was easy to set up and turn on. I really like it a lot.

  30. Sierra

    This air purifier works really well in a fairly large room. I love that there is the sleep mode so it’s quieter. It is also really easy to use.

  31. Vladimir L.

    Bought the product at half price and wasn’t expecting much. It’s whisper quiet compared to our old purifier and does clean the air. My wife has a lot of allergies and despite replacing our old HEPA purifier filters every 6 months, she was still sneezing often. The particulate meter seems to be a good barometer of how “dirty” the air is. After we started using this (fan level 4), her allergy symptoms have diminished greatly. Hopefully the filters will be available for a long time. I will probably start stocking up just in case.

  32. Layne Crockett

    Works as expected!

  33. kimber

    It’s pretty quiet and blows cool air, too!

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