G-TiDE Kids Tablet, 8 inch Tablet for Kids, 5100mAh Big Battery, 2GB+32GB Learning Tablets, 5MP Dual Camera, Fun Kids App – KLAP, Parental Controls, Screen Protector, Toddler Tablets Case, Pink

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Klap E1 Technical Parameters:

⭐ 8-inch 1280*800 HD IPS Display

⭐ Latest Android 11 Go System

⭐ G-TiDE Kids App- Klap Quad-Core Processor (1.6GHz)

⭐ 5MP Rear & 5MP Front Camera

⭐ Google Assistance Voice Control

⭐ Dual Speakers

⭐ Over 150 languages, Spanish included


– G-TiDE tablets have been fully charged when they leave the factory.

– Battery life is based on laboratory testing. The exact result depends on usage patterns.

– 32GB Storage, compatible with micro SD card(up to 128GB). It’s not included.

– Kid-proof tablet case is designed for children’s safety.

– Swipe up to the application page, and you can find our learning & playing kids app- Klap.

– G-TiDE tablets have been pasted with a screen protector, which is covered with a protective paper film. Please tear off the paper film when start to use it.

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?【Powerful Performance】G-TiDE Kids tablet adopts the latest Google Android 11 Go OS, 1.6GHZ Quad-core processor, 1280*800 8″ IPS HD display with eye protection, 5MP+5MP dual camera can bring a better experience of watching videos and videos call with distant relative, 2GB RAM provides high responsiveness to run the application launch, Smooth gaming, and video, 32GB ROM can be expanded to 128GB with micro SD card for more space to store photos, music, movies, and videos.

?【Kids-proof Case & Eye-protection Screen】G-TiDE’s exclusive children’s tablet case is made of impact-resistant EVA material. When your kid is playing outdoors with the tablet or accidentally dropping the tablet on the ground at home, It protects the kid’s tablet from bumps and minor drops. With a 270° adjustable stand, place it at the distance that suits your kids best. Plus a large 1280×800 HD 8″ screen for a more comfortable viewing experience.

?【Amazing Experience in Klap】G-TiDE learning & playing App- Klap, offers various creative contents such as brain training, painting, gaming, kids TV, etc. Learning while playing is better for kids to gain more knowledge. When there are more children, they can also watch kids’ TV and play two-player games, they can also learn from each other, 32GB storage, up to 128GB(micro SD card not included). More apps we can download from Google Play Store, like YouTube Kids, Netflix, etc.

?【Easy Parental Controls】KLAP has parental controls, you can set up more than 20 children accounts, and set different time limits and learning content as their needs. It has a child lock, remote video control, content filter, one-button lock screen, alarm setting, and so on. Ensure every website your children browse is safe and secure. When you need to work and don’t have time to take care of your own children, you can set content and time limits for your children to play.

17 reviews for G-TiDE Kids Tablet, 8 inch Tablet for Kids, 5100mAh Big Battery, 2GB+32GB Learning Tablets, 5MP Dual Camera, Fun Kids App – KLAP, Parental Controls, Screen Protector, Toddler Tablets Case, Pink

  1. sayema kabirsayema kabir

    My daughter loves having her own pad, this pad is awesome for little kids and comes with an enclosed case so I don’t cringe when she drops it, it’s a nice size for kids, the colors are pretty, and this thing does so much. We were both tickled to see all it does, she has learned to video chat with me.2GB RAM and Quad-Core Processor 1.6Ghz speed up than other kids tablet. Android 11.0 Go safer & faster than the previous android version and eliminate unwanted ads!Good! Kids-Friendly App, Comes with a safe and fun kid’s Klap App, pre-installed for Kids learning and playing apps for free. Connected to WiFi, you can download applications in the Google Play store. Pre-installed with the parental control mode. It has password control, remote video control, a one-button lock screen, alarm setting, learning, art, etc.This makes a great educational tool for kids and it’s just for kids so you don’t have to worry about them hitting the wrong button on your adult pad or deleting something by accident. Also no more missed messages for me or sitting waiting for her to finish playing with my pad so that’s a big plus.The big battery lasts longer than she and she has no problems using it because it’s very kid-friendly. You can’t go wrong purchasing this cute little pad for any kid in the family or as a gift for any kid.

  2. James Shelton

    At startup there were problems with apps running but that eventually cleared up.

  3. Hasan

    So far it has been great. We mainly use it when we’re traveling. Movies/Shows in the car. It came very quickly, with little wait. Gotta love that.Everything was in the box we needed and it was already partially charged. Charging cord, block, the case for tablet. It’s been dropped twice already but the case just protects it well. Definitely would purchase other products in the G-TiDE store. Trustable Brand!

  4. Shakil M.Shakil M.

    This tablet is exactly what I was looking for, as the price was affordable, and the design is exquisite. I have a 6-year-old who wanted her own tablet, but I did not want her to have her own access to the internet or download apps without permission. This tablet met those requirements. It was preloaded with all the Google apps, and no other bloatware. Also has easy access to the Google Play Store. It has a built-in app for kids titled Klap that has parental control for apps and games and the screen time. The precise cutouts of the case makes it easy for her to turn the tablet on and adjust the volume at ease. The screen’s touch sensitivity was very good compared to the other tablet we had before. The screen resolution of the older tablet was too bright, and it would often make our child suffer from motion sickness during long rides. The tablet’s size and weight is just right for a 6-year-old. I like the tablet case too, because of its sturdiness it did not affect the tablet due to an accidental drop. All in all, I would highly recommend this tablet if you are in the lookout for a good quality, affordable and reliable device for your child.

  5. ranjan sarkerranjan sarker

    I like it for random kids use.

  6. Md omor farukMd omor faruk

    I want a tablet that was for my 5 year old. I didn’t want to spend too much money because we were worried it would break soon, but after ordering I was amazed at the quality, ease of use and looking great. Will recommend to others.

  7. Yaniv Cohen

    we bouget these tablet to our child, we are very happy with it. we had a minor issue with it, contacted customer service, they answers right a way, very helpful and kind. solve our problem right a way.We really recommend these tablet especially when you have a good support!

  8. Steve

    If your young child is eager to join the electronic device world (aren’t they all?), this very reasonably priced, well made, well loaded, and with bonus case – wow! from G-TiDE is a great place to start. Pre-loaded with educational and fun software and with a predictably small amount of memory, it’s a great way to get your kid into the world they’re bound to enter without setting you back a fortune. If you’re facing the future for your child and screen time, reluctantly or not, this is a great place to start. If all goes south, at least you’re not out too much money. That’s a bonus for us, to be sure. Recommended.

  9. Mohammad RiazMohammad Riaz

    Good Tab for Children, Long battery life

  10. AJ Sottile III

    My child LOVED THIS TABLET BUT… less than a year from purchase the battery only lasts about 45 minutes on a full charge and in battery saver mode. Really wish she could use it longer but even after resets the battery life has not improved. Such a shame for such a nice product UPDATE!! THIS SELLING IS AMAZING WITH CUSTOMER SUPPORT UPGRADED TO 5 STARS

  11. Cray

    Product exactly what I wanted!

  12. Faruque Ahmed

    Purchased for my kids who use it to play games and watch movies and videos in excellent resolution. Receiving the package in no time!It is of excellent workmanship, of a resistant material and the color is cute which attracts children a lot. The battery also recharges quickly. The tablet is well done, it looks good even with the shockproof cover really very useful.The functions are varied, various games are pre-installed that stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, and it is also possible to connect to the internet via wifi. Children can then watch YouTube or other programs that need an internet connection. Excellent parental control function. An excellent entertainment and teaching tool for learning and having fun.A nice pastime for children. 8-inch tablet Screen size, easy to grip.I am very satisfied with the purchase and recommend this product to anyone looking for a good item with an excellent quality/price.

  13. Jittom KumarJittom Kumar

    When it comes to a kid-friendly tablet, you don’t necessarily need top-of-the-line features or the most powerful processing for your young child. However, you also don’t want something that’s slow and frustrating for younger kids to use. You want a kids’ tablet that does everything they want it to, like play games, listen to music, watch movies, read books, and access all kinds of kid-friendly apps and educational content. The best kids’ tablets can be used for schoolwork, email, and video chats, too. This tablet is a very good tablet for a child. Their 32 GB memory is more than enough for what most children’s applications require. It can also store a few videos if needed. The tablet design is very cute and the screen touch responsiveness is actually pretty strong compared to other.This G-TiDE 8″ tablets for kids have robust parental-control features that let parents monitor their kids’ screen time and the content they can access. can also access quality educational content like apps, games, shows, and more from trusted and effective edutainment experts.Definitely will recommend it to others! Great k

  14. Jayesh

    Take a try and you’ll see how great the G-TiDE tablets are for kids, and the 8-inch version is relatively big and powerful of the lot. You get a colourful, padded case that doubles up as an excellent stand for watching movies and making video calls.The hardware under the hood is so-so(2GB ram+32GB Ram just enough for kids), but the software is great: especially Klap Kids+, which gives you a wealth of content (from apps to movies to books) for kids to enjoy. It’s a good learning and playing toys for your children, and with parental control mode, you kid are well-protected from all the unhealthy content in the internet.We can’t argue with the one-year worry free service for the G-TiDE Kids tablet, especially the after-sales team’s wonderful service, which gives you peace of mind should the worst happen, and we think it’s a device that your children are going to love

  15. Rebecca Haden

    If you already use a lot of Google products, set up for this tablet is quick and easy. If you’re more of a Windows, Apple, or Alexa fan, there are more steps involved. Either way, it’s not difficult to set it up.There are strong parental controls and safeguards, and it works just as your iPad, Kindle Fire, or Chromebook does — it’s a computer. I prefer that over the kid-specific devices that won’t easily grow with kids.The case is sturdy and cute, with a stand and bright colors.

  16. G. Hearn

    The G-Tide Kalp E1 device is a great option for anyone looking to get a small tablet for their child. This tablet is essentially regular android device tablet that any adult could use. You can download apps from the standard google play store. If you require many apps then you can expand your capacity with a micro SD card up to 128gb. Therefore, it can easily suit an adult for standard tablet functions.The tablet comes with the Klap app ready to use. I really like the safety features that come with this app. The parental controls available within the Klap app are great, but you (the responsible adult) must do your part too. The Klap app is essentially a desktop for kids. Once you open the Klap app then there is no way for the child to get out without the 4 digit passcode (defaults to 0000). Once in the app, the adult can specify certain websites, pictures and videos that you have pre-approved. You can also set a time limit that will automatically force the child to take a break from the tablet.You can select a wide variety of apps within the Klap app. A lot of options for brain training, STEM, educational games and art apps. Many of them are preloaded. You will need to have an account to access additional apps that are not already preloaded.You can personalize the Klap app and have multiple child accounts. However, the battery seems to last for about 4-5 hours of solid app use. So, keep that in mind if you are planning to have a single tablet beings shared by a lot of kids. Adjusting the screen brightness and stopping unwanted processes running in the background should help extend the battery life too.The protective case is also very nice. It is great for little hands and it will definitely help reduce breaking anything when it is dropped. The kickstand is good to prop the tablet up to make it easy to view the screen. Also, it can be used as a handle. The case openings are not completely in line with the buttons, but it does not limit you. You can also take the case off.The speed of the app is perfect for a kids first introduction to a tablet. I say “first” because if your child typically uses your expensive adult gaming tablet then they may think this tablet is too slow.The screen resolution and camera are perfect for the kids.Again, outside of the Klap app this a standard android device with access to the internet. So, protect your kids by keeping their tablet use within the Klap app only.This tablet is Made in China and being sold by a Chinese company on Amazon.

  17. Minhaj

    I really like how this kid’s tablet. It is a combination of very good quality. The pre-installed app is so good and convenient for children. My nieces and nephews are really happy with the tablets that I bought for them. The seller for this product has excellent customer service, they answered all my questions before purchase that product.

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