G-TiDE School Backpack, Kindergarten Preschool Toddler School Bag, Book Bags for Girls&Boys, Waterproof Backpacks, Kid Fashionable Travel Bag, Adjustable Padded Strap

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Kids’ school bag technical parameters:

⭐ Kindergarten preschool toddler school bag;

⭐ Can be used by children over 36 months;

⭐ Waterproof backpacks;

⭐ Adjustable padded strap;

⭐ Kid fashionable travel bag;

⭐ Reflective sticker;

⭐ Doubles handles;

⭐ Double magnetic buckle;

⭐ Front zipper pocket;

⭐ Side elastic pockets.

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?【Designed to protect spine】G-TiDE school backpack uses a wide shoulder strap, which uses the principle of heavy pressure to reduce the degree of damage to the shoulder; Use an ergonomic design, and suffers a little when used to provide the child’s spine, The back of the thick-filling air cushion can relieve the neck pressure; the waist is equipped with an independent fixed buckle. When the backpack is too heavy, the buckle can prevent the backpack from falling.

?【Unimaginable big space】Two independent spaces can be more convenient to sort out things, and with a separatory set, it can be better classified, and they can quickly find what they want. Both sides of the kid’s backpack are suitable to place two large-capacity cups to ensure that they can drink water at any time. The reasonable partition of the backpack enables all items to be placed in the right place

?【Multi scenes of backpack】Children who go to school daily school can bring a lot of things with them. They usually use it when they are camping with classmates. Long-distance traveling and trains also need to install some daily necessities. This preschool backpack is definitely an indispensable little expert in children.

?【Details moving your heart】The shoulder straps of the kid’s backpack adopt a reflective sticker design. When the light is very dark at night, it can make kids easier to be recognized the car. The backpack is using high -grade waterproof fabrics, If you can’t take care of the backpack when you take an umbrella on a rainy day, the waterproof effect can prevent the books from wet.

6 reviews for G-TiDE School Backpack, Kindergarten Preschool Toddler School Bag, Book Bags for Girls&Boys, Waterproof Backpacks, Kid Fashionable Travel Bag, Adjustable Padded Strap

  1. TimmyTimmy

    The schoolbag is very good! Our five-year-old son loves it! The fabric is waterproof, the design is simple, and there is enough space for folders, notebooks and books. Recommended!!

  2. Daniella Kerenyi

    This backpack is such great quality! it feels so expensive and has every compartment you could ever want!! it is so practical and looks so professional and pretty.

  3. Steve Andrzejewski

    This is a good size backpack for Preschoolers and kinder students. I purchased this item for my son that’s in preschool. It’s spacious and light weight. Definitely recommend

  4. Mike Hitchler

    This is the right style I’ve been looking for. It’s quite gender neutral, looks very cute on either girls or boys. It’s not heavy, and space is big enough to be a book bag. Great product!

  5. Tasha ThakkarTasha Thakkar

    Though its a school, but its a good one for adult use as well. Great quality, good space, looks stylish and unique. What else you look for in a bag? Just wanna say its a good combo for everyday use as well as school bag use.

  6. LiloLilo

    It came bigger than my expectation, but was really cute and functional. The schoolbag itself is not heavy and it can store around 5 books and my iPad. The design is quite cool and fashionable, it is a perfect gift for my friend’s son who is getting 8 next year.

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