RGB Table Lamp

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8-Level Color Changing Lamp, Rechargeable Table Lamps, Portable Mood Light Stepless Dimming, Suitable for Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Balcony, Outdoor, Girl Gift (Silver)

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?【RGB Lamp】The unique lamp has a built-in RGB color-changing chip, which can change the color of the environment. provide 8-level color conversion, 7-level monochrome and 1-level automatic color change.It is especially suitable for restaurants, bars, and family gatherings. Choose different colors according to different moods in different seasons.
?【Stepless Dimming】Different from ordinary fixed gears, this LED Lamp is infinitely adjustable by long pressing the switch key. More flexible and smart. Just one small lamps can meet all your needs.
?【Wireless Durable】Rechargeable Lamp built-in 2100mAh battery can light up for 5-10h, get rid of the shackles of wires, avoid too many electrical appliances at home annoying wire storage, avoid the trouble of moving lamp without plugging in, easy to carry and use outdoors.
?【High Quality】The 3mm thick glass texture protective case is made of high-quality 1805PC material, with a light transmittance of up to 87%, good toughness, anti-drop and anti-collision, while ordinary acrylic light transmittance is only 68-70%, brittle and fragile. The lamp holder with extremely high craftsmanship: After 4 processing steps, it achieves a metallic texture, which feels silky and opaque.
?【Touch Control】The touch lamp switch is sensitive and convenient, and has also been designed to prevent accidental touch. The battery powered lamp built-in protection chip in the battery, coupled with the constant current chip design of the lamp, achieves double protection function and prolongs the service life of the lamp. 3-year warranty, any questions, feel free to contact us, the professional Giantrio customer service team will serve you wholeheartedly.

7 reviews for RGB Table Lamp

  1. Doc Mitchum

    This is a nice looking and well made mood lamp. I would definitely not consider it a “table lamp” because it isn’t bright enough for reading but can definitely light up a corner of a room with multiple color low levels of light. Being RGB gives it the great freedom of room to room or anywhere you go.

  2. Bees M.

    First, let me point out that the thumbnail image for this product is misleading. It shows a lamp with multiple colors displaying at once, but this lamp is not capable of that feature. Also, I’ve tried various LED lamps and bulbs, and most of them have the ability to gradually transition from one color to the other through intermediate colors. This lamp also does not have that feature. There are 7 and only 7 colors.Before ordering this lamp, I read some of the other reviews and a common theme is that there’s a learning curve to using the touch controls on the lamp. I would say this is probably true if the person hasn’t played around with similar items before. I have, so I didn’t experience the same initial issues learning to use the lamp’s touch features. Without even consulting the instructions, I was able to change from one color to the other and figure out how to change the intensity. It operates very similar to other touch-responsive LED lights on the market. (I do agree that the instructions–which I did eventually read–translated into English make for a fairly fun read)Part of the marketing for this product is that it could be used as a table-side reading light. Even at max brightness with the white light setting, it’s not enough to be truly significant as a reading light. Also, it’s a cool white light, and I prefer a warm white light when reading, so that could have affected my experience as well.The lamp looks pretty good. It’s a cylinder of color inside a clear plastic rectangle. Because it’s LED, it’s probably reasonably sturdy, but I certainly wouldn’t throw it around like a football. It’s nice that it’s cordless, and because LEDs are so easy to power, it holds a charge well.

  3. meny

    This is a really cool lamp, although it’s not so bright it’s really nice and fits in great to a modern house, I also like that it’s rgb so it’s not just a boring white color

  4. Dale T. SteeleDale T. Steele

    Based on the online info I read it looked like this could be a good lamp for power outages and mood lighting situations. It does work well for those purposes. It arrived well packed and in good shape with a small gift.I found the charging cable difficult to connect and using the selection button for different colors was touchy. Turning the lamp off can be difficult and lighting output is not adequate for larger room lighting situations.Pro Tip: If you have trouble turning the lamp off by double clicking the selection button, you can turn it off and on again using the switch underneath the base.The lamp works better as a stationary light for soft lighting situations. The reflective case amplifies the light brightness and color in a pleasing way. The case has a sturdy feel but I recommend not dropping it.After a short period of time with this attractive looking device I find myself looking for locations and situations to put it to use and adjust its lighting options to fit my mood. I would also consider giving this lamp as a gift to friends and family as a soft colorful lighting solution.

  5. Rob

    This light works, but it doesn’t come with any instructions. Has kinda of a learning curve to it,Several different colors but it could be a lot better. The material is cheap made I give 3 ?

  6. Kathiria diaz

    It’s ok,color is good,not so bright

  7. FunLuvr

    This is a ‘mood light.’ It can add a versatile splash of color to a room or table setting. It won’t illuminate much at all, it’s purely for the colors that can be selected. Fully charged, the light lasts about 5 hours. Colors are selected by pushing the color selector button at the base of the lamp.This lamp seems well constructed and should last as long as the built-in battery remains viable.

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