Med SPA Care® Disposable Replacement Cartridges – Fit for Derma Pen Dr.pen Ultima A1 Electric Skin Care Device Dermapen Permanent Makeup Pen (Round Nano, A1 Blue 0.01mm 25pcs)


  • ? Dr pen A1 replacement needles cartridge 0.01~0.25mm, bayonet slot, fit for dr.pen ultima A1 skin care system only.
  • ? Cartridges made of medical steel needle and PC plastic, ech one by hygienic packages before leaving the original factory.
  • ? Easy to use, durable and quick-acting, short healing time, high absorption of active ingredients, no permanent damage or injury.
  • ? Multifunctional – Dr. Pen replacement needles cartridge has many different types and uses. Please check the usage introduction of different needle types in the package, to choose the pen holder that suits you.
  • ? Dr.pen original factory high-end quality warranty, refund 100% if quality questions. ?Note: Disposable fast consumables, the cartridges are not be return if you have opened or used them (except for quality problems).

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How to Use?? 

?Step 1. Clean the cartridges before and after each use ?(75% alcohol, or cleaned with physiological saline, or UV), wash and dry the skin. 

?Step 2. Move in the desired area for 2-4 times, , roll every part in the shape of CROSS and X, the operation need to last 8-15mins. 

?3. Apply a moisturizer or repair serum after use. 

?Step4. Apply our repairing mask w/ serum after use. 

?Multifunctional – For many different Dr. pen cartridges and many different uses, see the descriptions of product efficacy coming with the package box.


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