Med SPA Care Silicone Cups Cupping Set/Vacuum Suction Cup Massage Cupping Therapy Set,Butt Massager/Anti Cellulite Cup – for Cellulite Remove,Exfoliating,Detox, Muscle,Nerve Joint Pain Relief (Clear)


?SAFE MATERIAL – This cupping set made with medical grade silicone, nontoxic/harmless/durable. High quality and more safety, clearer greater visibilit.

?EASY TO USE – The silicone cupping set can be used not only for hospital but also more suitable for spa or home users for cupping therapy.

?PROMOTE RELAXATION – This silicone cupping therapy set dedicated to beauty, body, health, helps in a physical sense regarding illness and pain relief. Chinese Cupping Therapy is proven to be relaxing,chronic stress and mental fatigue can lead to anxiety and depression.

?ANTI-AGING EFFECT – Your circulation slows down as you age, this cupping set improves circulation,allowing more essential nutrients and oxygen to get your skin.

?WIDE RANGE OF USES & OUTSTANDING RESULTS – The cupping set can bring you the effective effect of firming and toning, slimming, stretch marks and cellulite. Enjoy a cupping oil in the shower or an enhanced fat massage. Cupping is more effective than traditional manual massage, muscle massage rollers, fascia and cellulite shock waves.

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How to use:
?1. Put the cup on your skin.
?2. When putting the cup on, one holds the cup with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger around the margin of the cup mouth, puts the cup on the location of cupping, then presses cup top with thumb and lifts the margin of cup mouth a little with other three fingers to sneeze air out.
?3.Then puts the cup on the skin and releases the three fingers and the then. Now the cup is sucked on the skin.
?4.Hold the cup with one hand and push it to one side, on the other side, press the skin near the mouth with another hand. So a little gap is made and air can enter by way of the gap. The cup drops naturally.

?Tip: You can use these cups on your shoulder, wrist joint, knee joint, elbow joint, spin, stomach and any other places you wanted.
Also you can use it when you are resting, washing, working, walking and even travelling.

?Notice: The best time for cupping is 10 minutes, not more than 15 minutes. Cupping for a long time, blisters may appear, and cupping needs to be stopped.

Blister treatment:Use disinfectants and anti-inflammatory to treat the blister as normal abrasions. After a few days, the blisters have recovered and you can continue cupping.


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