YOXOZO YOYO Duck, 15″ Large Plush Dog Squeaky Toy Duck with Crinkle Chew Ring, Stuffed Puppy Soothe Toy, Pet Anxiety Relief for Small | Medium Dogs

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  • 『2-IN-1 FAITHFUL PARTNER』- YOYO with his swim-ring is a soft and lovely companion for napping time, and a tireless squeaky and crinkle BFF while playing; 
  • 『INTERACTIVE ACCOMPANY』- The soothe duck provides a warm, soft, skin-friendly snuggles to the puppy, doesn’t make any noise when the puppy is sleeping in YOYO’s arms; when dogs awake, YOYO and swim-ring make two different squeaky & crinkle sounds to encourage them to play, you can join in to play a tug-of-war or frisbee game together. 
  • 『RELIEVE ANXIETY』- Whether your dog needs comfort caring friends when no one around, or cuddles during thunders, or a stress-busting pals when in the car back seat heading to the vet. They’re the perfect soothing friends and adorable anxiety-relieving playmates. 
  • 『FOR MILD CHEWERS』- Designed for gentle chewers and puppy huggers only, wonderful choice for dogs of all sizes – but NOT indestructible, not recommended for tough chewers. 
  • 『WORRY-FREE COMPANION』- 15 inches YOYO has a ultra-soft plush exterior, and 8 inches CHEW RING made of extra soft durable material; safe & non-toxic; Machine washable and tumble dryable.

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YOYO with Swim-Ring across the ocean to find BFF 

The brave and warm YOYO comes from the other side of the ocean. As a landlubber, YOYO always takes a perfect swim ring around. The talkative YOYO did not know that the New World had been discovered. YOYO, who had a lot to say is looking for a best friend forever. As a selfie fan, YOYO would like to invite your lovely dogs in the same camera. They can cuddle for a nap, or squeaky on the go, and YOYO offer comfort and encouragement while dog at the vet.

YOYO squeaky & Ring Crinkle – both sounds that you dogs will love 

YOYO has a squeaker in the body, and there are crinkle papers in the ring. They make two different pleasant sounds whenever your dog paws or chews on them.


  • 15 inches ultra-soft plush exterior
  • Squeaker inside
  • Warm, soft, skin-friendly snuggles
  • Wonderful choice for dogs of all sizes


  • 8 inches CHEW RING
  • Made of extra soft durable material
  • Crinkle papers inside
  • Many ways to play

2-in-1 TEAM UP 

  • Machine washable and tumble dryable
  • Adorable anxiety-relieving playmates
  • Safe & Non-toxic
  • Humorous and melodious noises

11 reviews for YOXOZO YOYO Duck, 15″ Large Plush Dog Squeaky Toy Duck with Crinkle Chew Ring, Stuffed Puppy Soothe Toy, Pet Anxiety Relief for Small | Medium Dogs

  1. LadyHatterLadyHatter

    Richard and this ducky quickly became besties until they weren’t. Even though he immediately ripped the ducks “head feathers” off. And the tag to his ring because all tags are evil and must be eliminated on sight. See him destroying the tag on the ring with great focus? This ring has held up so well to his mistreatment. The duck on the other hand… He took a lot but ultimately, he just couldn’t survive Sir Richard the… First it was just a little hole in his flipper made by the grinding of teeth. Then he kind of crushed the squeaker inside but it still worked. Kind of. But after weeks of being tossed around, he’ll need extensive surgery in his spinal region. Ripped right down the seam. Honestly, I saw the things this dog did to him and I’m impressed he lasted this long. Now Richard’s big sad because I had to take his favorite stuffy away when the filling started coming out.

  2. Karma5181

    My dog seems to love it has been able to withstand a bunch of pulling and chewing has not been destroyed yet overall I would say it’s a great dog toy

  3. Cigar

    Our dogs are attracted to yellow/cream colored plush toys that are good sized and most especially ducks. This toy is a real winner. It is soft yet sturdy and the crinkle ring is an extra bonus. Ducky serves as a pillow for snoozing and a fun carry-around-the-house companion. The crinkle ring is fun for chasing and causing havoc before dinner time. I believe this toy will hold up over time very well. They love it. The squeaker works fine but is kind of big to grab onto for our guys.

  4. Derek N.Derek N.

    We have watched our 8 week old puppy attack and shake this duck in every way possible. So far so good. Seems to be very durable. There are no holes. The removable ring is a great secondary chew toy. We put it back on and the puppy works and takes it back off. Seems pretty durable for the small to medium dog range. Soft enough for a comfort item and durable enough for a good old fashioned shaking. Also has a nice squeak box in the middle to help keep the dogs attention.

  5. Kellie VannKellie Vann

    *pic of my dog for attention*I got this duck toy for my dog for his 10th birthday, and he fell in love! For such a little dog he is a big chewer, so the stuffing in this guy didn’t last long but he is still enjoying the outside of the toy. It’s so cute too! Just know if you buy this toy it doesn’t stand a chance against super chewers!

  6. Sara MSara M

    This toy is BIG! It is super cute and fluffy. It has a squeaker and Lemon has had a blast with it. She seems to really like the size a lot (she is a medium goldendoodle).

  7. Christina K.

    We have two large breed dogs. This is a large, plush and soft duck toy. The ring around him comes off, which is basically another toy. Our dogs played tug of war with the ring, and it didn’t break! I’m sure they will tear up the duck eventually, but r8ght now they are entertained by the squeaker and content to just carry Mr duck around.

  8. Randall M. Rueff (K9RMR)Randall M. Rueff (K9RMR)

    The media could not be loaded.

     It says it is a duck but it kinda looks like a chicken so to be honest I’m not sure but I like it…It is very well made and the swimming tube is easily removable.It also looks cute and adorable and is very soft.Good day & God Bless…Randall M. RueffK9RMR

  9. Amazon Customer

    I love that this is two toys in one, the ring and the duckMy dog LOVES the squeeker in the duck and the crinkle in the ring, she keeps going back and forth between the twoThe material is really soft and we played a good game of tug of war and it held upGreat dog toy and adorable!

  10. Mardi Iglesias

    I almost wanted to keep it for myself, it was too cute. My dog loves playing with this ducky but tore it up within a matter of minutes. My dog also loved the squeaky sound. She does however still have the ring and plays fetch with it. I would say if your dog normally tears up it’s toys. This you would be torn very fast. Still very cute and worth the price.

  11. Hallie Ness

    If your dogs tear toys apart easily it will not last but it is great for a minute

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