2 in 1 Portable Food Warmer, DC 12V, AC 110V Mini Food Heater with Switchable Plug, Personal Lunch Heating Bag for Reheating Food in Car, Travel, Camping, Work, Home

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?[Enjoy a Warm Meal Anywhere]: Always on the GO and tired of cold or fast food? This 2 in 1 portable food warmer supports 12V car use + 110V work Use. Just plug in and heat up your food, you can enjoy warm and healthier homemade meal at home / office / school or in car! (Notice: not come with the food tray shown)
?[No Monitering Required, Automatic Temp Control]: This self heating portable food heater reheats your meals evenly without burning, overcooking, or producing bad odors. Simply place your lunch box into this car food warmer, plug in and leave it alone, it will reheat your meal and keep warm 140°F to 230°F cyclically.
?[Compatible with Multiple Containers]: This mini food warmer takes up no space with the size: 9” x 7” x 3.9”. It’s compatible with most heat-resistant containers such as aluminum foil, metal, plastic, glass, and more, and can accommodate containers up to 9 “L x 6.75 “W x 3.5 “H.
?[Portable and Convenient]: This portable warming electric lunch heating bag comes in a collapsing design with adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle. You can put it in your backpack and carry it to any place. This is a must have equipment for car drivers, patrolmen, and those who is always on the go.
?[Your Satisfaction Guarantee]: We committed to provide our consumers with high-quality products. If there is a manufacturer defect with this mini portable oven lunch bag, simply contact our service team for a free replacement. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this product.

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1. Firstly you put your food into the mini portable oven and plug it into outlet to get it work.

2. The mini oven will slowly heat your food till temperature 239°F.

3. Then it will auto reduce the temperature down until 149°F.

4. And will keep warming your food during temperature 149°F-239°F.

It is a slow heating mini oven, so it will heat your food evenly, and also will preserve the moisture and nutrition of your food.

Product Features:

?Super Efficient – costs less than a penny per meal.

?Save money – hot meals without the expense of eating out.

?Eat healthy – home cooked meals so you know what’s in it.

?Convenient – plug it in and it heats while you work or play.

?Easy – no programs or buttons to push, use almost any type of flat bottom, sealed container.

Perfect Gift: This is the best and most useful gift for friends and family.

Package list:

1*Portable Oven Bag

1*Quick Start Guide


7 reviews for 2 in 1 Portable Food Warmer, DC 12V, AC 110V Mini Food Heater with Switchable Plug, Personal Lunch Heating Bag for Reheating Food in Car, Travel, Camping, Work, Home

  1. Smile

    I ordered this in order to take warm meals to work. I took a cupcake from the fridge and placed it in the food warmer until I was ready to eat it. A perfect idea met with a perfect solution. So to test out quality of the food warmer, I placed a cold cupcake inside and kept it there for 2 hrs. What happened was that the icing was melted. This was good. How it melted matters most. Next, I saw how the oils from the cupcake ran down on the warmer’s removable cover. However, the inside of the bag was not hot. This was also good. The cupcake was also warm, yet the heat went from the bottom to the top. Again, this was a welcomed feature. I would have preferred that the heat circulated throughout the bag; but it was concentrated heat, as it came from the bottom and not the top and sides. The result was the the bottom of the cupcake was hot. The top was not. the top was not cold either. It was lukewarm. The outside bottom of the bag, however, was hotter than the cupcake. I took the cupcake and insert out of the warmer. As the warmer cooled down, I took the warmer’s cover off in order to clean it. This is also a nice feature…to be able to remove the warmer’s cover and wash it. I wished that the warmer had an auto shut off. Also, it would have been great if I knew the temp on the inside of the warmer. Ascetically the bag is nothing to look at. Its a simple lunch bag with a type of alumni covering understandably maintained to retain the heat. Overall, the warmer works…even if it takes a few hours to warms simple foods. But, be-careful with touching the bottom of the bag. It gets hot.

  2. Sonny Brooks

    We do Market Days, and it is perfect for a warm lunch

  3. Southern BelleSouthern Belle

    This is really a great idea! As a retired nurse, I can’t tell you how many times I needed this bag. Sure, there was a microwave in the breakroom, but even the time to heat something in that microwave took too much time, or there was a line of other staff waiting to use it. With this little bag, lunch is warm and ready to eat without waiting. Simply plug it in and the food will be ready when you are. Now that I’m retired, I’m part of a group that meets monthly and we bring treats to share. My difficulty was in bringing something warm because it wasn’t still warm by the time we were ready to eat.This is a small bag, really about the same size as those old-fashioned metal lunch boxes we had when I was a kid. Its a nice looking black color, a padded handle on top, and has a shoulder carry strap. The lining is metallic silver, and includes cables for standard USA outlets or can plug into a car’s lighter outlet. The heating element is a black flat panel at the bottom. When storing, the sides can fold in so it can be collapsed and stored fairly flat. As mentioned before, this bag is quite small. A small pie would NOT fit (not wide enough). I figure I can simply line the inside with foil and with using more foil to make multiple layers, this should hold more than enough lunch for one person, or enough snacks or appetizers for a small gathering.The power cable extends from the heating panel at bottom. There is a large grommet built into the front of the bag to feed this cable through into another zipper pocket. The zipper allows the cable to feed through to the outside while not allowing much heat to escape. There is only one switch… a toggle on oroff, no way to set a specific temperature. For my test, I propped a cooking temperature probe inside the bag and had it elevated so it actually measured the temperature of the space inside the bag, not the heating element on the bottom. The temperature fairly quickly rose and maxed out at 130.8 F, then slowly dropped to 124.3. Apparently this is designed to maintain a range of temperature and the temp fluctuates within that range. When the probe sat on the bottom of the bag, directly on the heating pad, the temperature ranged from 136.0 to 153.5F. During this test and use afterward, I can detect no odors and the bag remained completely cool to touch on the outside.As mentioned above, this bag is very close to the size of the old metal school lunch boxes that many of us carried as children. Fortunately this was designed differently with the handle on the top of the lid, and the carry strap is attached at the sides so the contents of the bag aren’t disturbed when carrying it.My only objection is that it is small, really perfect for lunch for one or two individuals. Bringing warm food to a gathering is possible but not easy. Really wish this was a bit larger, especially large enough for a pie and larger dishes. But I can make it work for my needs. Due to size, deducting one star, so FOUR stars!I hope you found this review to be helpful. Thanks for reading!!

  4. Sonny Brooks

    We do Market Days, and it is perfect for a warm lunch

  5. MBK

    This little, emphasis on, “little”, Food Warmer really does keep food warm. This will fit maybe, two hamburgers and not much else. If there is a larger model, I would buy it! It is great for travel and office as it will operate on both 12 volt or just plug it in to an A/C current outlet. I tried it with left over spaghetti in a plastic container and it worked really well, keeping it pleasantly warm. Size is the only issue I have, Wish it was larger. 4 Stars

  6. Amazon Customer

    Don’t get hot in 4hrs

  7. Amazon Customer


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