AILCION Gray Paddle Board Pump Bicycle & Car Tire inflator for Deflation of Boat, Mattress, Kayak 12V DC Tire Pump for Car Portable with Pressure Gauge,…


  • 【Up to 60PSI】Electric Air Pumps for sup comes with a powerful 12V DC motor can quickly inflate and deflate your car tire, sup, bicycle tire, inflatable paddle board, and other tires.
  • 【22 PSI for sup board pump model】Pressure: 0.7-22 PSI, Powerful sup air pump electric portable can inflate an 11ft paddle board from 0 to 15 PSI in 9 minutes. Up to 20 PSI in 13mins.
  • 【Portable SUP pump】Size is 10.8×6.7×3.6 in,3.3lb. With Dual stage auto-off function, the Lightweight and Powerful portable paddle board pump adapter is convenient for indoors and outdoors.
  • 【Widely useful】Sup inflator pump electric comes With 6 Nozzles, The paddle board pump electric portable is Widely used for water sports and camping trips, such as SUP, boats, kayaks, and mattresses.
  • 【LCD & Outo-off】Car tire pump with pressure gauge supports the preset pressure and automatic stop. Excellent heat dissipation, The durable body, and handle provide a better grip for your travel;

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Our paddle board pump have different setting modes, and have different default pressure value—

Blank mode: 0-22psi/0-1.51bar,  default pressure value-10PSI;

C mode: 0-22psi/0-1.51bar, default pressure value 0.5PSI;

Paddleboard mode:0-20psi,  default pressure value 12PSI;

Bicycle mode:30-60PSI;  default pressure value 45PSI;

Motorcycle mode:1.8-3.0bar;  default pressure value 2.4bar;

Car mode:1.8-3.5bar;  default pressure value 2.5bar;

Ball mode: on/off;   default pressure value off;

Accessories: 5 keys, respectively, MODEL, On/Off , SET button, “-” button, “+” button LCD

key logic:

1. select the mode to be used, the initial blank mode, the display is 00.00psi, press “MODEL” 1 time to switch to C mode, display 0.50psi, press “MODEL” again to switch to paddle mode, display 12.00psi, press “MODEL” again to next mode cyclicly.

2. Press “SET” key cyclicly to switch the pressure value unit, from psi to bar to KPA;

3. Set the pressure value you need;

4. start inflating ;

5. Start in low air pressure,  and it will reach a predetermined value when in different voltage value to  jump into the high-pressure pump for inflation

6. A longer press for 3 seconds to directly enter the high-pressure mode, the work is still effective

7. power on real-time air pressure


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