FANCYGO Disposable White Waffle Bath Towel – Travel Accessories⼁Portable Body Shower Washcloths – Vacation Essentials⼁for Yeast Inflection Care, Guest, Hotel/motel Accommodation, Pool party, Paddling, 8 Pieces


Fancygo has given top priority to the simple convenient living.

Fancygo Disposable bath towels are ideal for travel, swimming.

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  • Lightweight: 27’’×55’’ is the same as regular bath towels, 8 Pieces, but the weight is only 3.17oz/piece.
  • Soft and Absorbent: Waffle weave design is more absorbent than plain and pearl weave.
  • Portable: Individual pack of each towel is convenient to carry and releases package space.
  • When laundering is not an option: Clean Towel is ready to use.
  • Effective Barrier Against Cross Infection: These Single-use body shower towels serve as a protective barrier to yeast infection and save disinfection time.
  • Travel Accessory: Disposable towels are ideal for guest, overnight stay and when going on vacation, business trip. 


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