Bedside Lamp Touch Control Wireless Table Lamp for Bedroom 3 Way Dimmable Nightstand Lamp with 2100mAh Battery for Living Room, Dorm, Home Offic,Camping (Gold)

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?【Minimalist design】 This-controlled lights table lights are small in size, and the table lamps are integrated without assembly. The portable desk lamp has an appearance patent . It is suitable for the ideal USB table lamp that is suitable for living room, bedroom, study, outdoor, tent, etc. Add a warm and comfortable atmosphere to your space.
?【Three-gear touch and soft light】 Bedside lamps provide level 3 brightness options (low, medium and high). You only need to press the touch switch of the metal base to adjust. Use 24 pieces of SMT3600K color temperature LED lamp beads to exude soft and stable warm light, stable sleep, and accompany you at night.
?【USB charging and safety materials】 The USB charging port of the table lamp is hidden, which retains the simple and beautiful appearance. Using piano color spray paint technology, it distributes a metal -like luster .
?【Durable lamp】 The portable table lamp built-in 2100mAh lithium ion battery. The first touch is low gear, which can be used for 12 hours. The second touch is the medium gear, which can last for 9 hours.The high gear, you can continue to use it for eight hours,super durability, you don’t have to worry about outdoor.
?【Worry-Free Warranty】- Having adhered the most demanding quality control procedures. Meanwhile, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. If you have any questions about table lamps, please feel free to contact us, we are committed to making the right product for you. Fast and friendly service will be provided!

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Handy portable camping lamp
The portable light has a built-in 2100mAh battery, which can last for 12 hours and can be used outdoors with peace of mind.
The Giantrio table lamp is made of sturdy and durable plastic, and the table lamp weighs only 0.75 pounds. The compact size of the simple design is easy to carry and will not add burden to the outing.
Built-in charging protection chip, constant current chip, touch chip, increase brightness, reduce energy loss by 10%, protect eyes, warm lighting atmosphere.
This is a wireless desk lamp, so you don’t have to worry about the clutter of wires in your home. It is very convenient for you to move it anywhere, even if it is not plugged in.

11 reviews for Bedside Lamp Touch Control Wireless Table Lamp for Bedroom 3 Way Dimmable Nightstand Lamp with 2100mAh Battery for Living Room, Dorm, Home Offic,Camping (Gold)

  1. 92Hotel92Hotel

    This bedside touch lamp is a simple and very light weight rechargeable lamp with small internal 2100 mAh lithium battery. The body of the lamp is plastic, yet has a nice finish and gives off a pleasing subtle glow in all brightness modes. Touching the lamp cycles the three brightness modes and off/on, and the touch sensitivity of the switch works quite well.A very small red light at the usb port lets you know that it’s charging, and the instructions tell us that once the red light goes out we are to “Please do not charge the product for a long time.” I wish it would give me some reference to what that long time is. We are also instructed to recharge the battery at least every couple of weeks for the health of the lithium battery. The instructions suggest that a charge can run for up to 8 hours on the low setting, which conflicts with the product page claim of 12 hours. I cannot confirm whether either claim is accurate.Along with the lamp, USB cord and small instruction sheet a “thank you” novelty gift is also included. The novelty item included a tiny light and internal small button battery. That little battery was dead, which unfortunately detracts from the intended “thank you”.The lamp itself is charming with a nice soft glow and I imagine it would be especially comforting during a power outage. I’m on the fence about the value ($29.99 at time of purchase). In view of this and some confused product statements my 4 star rating might be generous but I do like the lamp and I can think of some folks who would be quite happy to receive one as a gift.

  2. Rob

    I like this little light, I got it to put it on my daughter’s room. She doesn’t like the dark to much so I wanted to give it a shot. Appearance is pretty good, it’s definitely different than your average light. Overall I’m satisfied with it. I recommend it. I give 4 ?

  3. Lexy

    This lamp is definitely different looking. But it works good. It’s bright but definitely not as bright as a regular lamp. It’s small and lightweight so it’s easy to move and to take for travel or camping. I really like how it’s rechargeable too. So you cab choose to either use it with a cord or not. The cords kind of short though so if you do use it with the cord just keep that in mind.

  4. ink

    lampada carina a luce calda, temperatura 3600k, è dimmerabile su 3 impostazioni.è bella da utilizzare su un comodino o su una mensola.la qualità della luce mi ha soddisfatto, risulta calda e avvolgente, quello che però non mi ha molto convinto è la qualità costruttiva in quanto i materiali sembrano un po’ scarsini e nel complesso la lampada ha un effetto piuttosto plasticoso.per il resto una cosa che ho apprezzato è l’ immediatezza e semplicità di utilizzo.buona la batteria da 2100 mAh che garantisce un’ apprezzabile autonomia

  5. Antonio R.Antonio R.

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     ⭐⭐⭐Lampada a Led molto funzionale: lasciandola accesa al minimo, la luminosità non è invadente o fastidiosa. E da questo piccolo particolare si capisce benissimo che è una lampada perfetta da usare come lampada notturna (o da semplice esposizione). Altra sua caratteristica saliente è che la batteria dura un botto (molto più delle 8-12 ore dichiarate dal produttore).E purtroppo le note positive finiscono qui!Per il resto c’è da segnalare che:- Esteticamente non è niente di particolare (è solo un cilindro di plastica);- Il materiale, come detto poc’anzi, è tutta plastica di non eccelsa qualità (in caso di caduta non penso che resista);- Il pulsante touch non sempre è pronto ad eseguire il comando e, perciò, bisogna insistere (a tal proposito potete vedere anche il mio breve video).Il funzionamento è garantito da una batteria ricaricabile (come negli Smartphone) e, per ricaricarla, in dotazione c’è anche un piccolo cavetto micro-Usb (a cui può essere collegato un alimentatore o una PowerBank). Questa della batteria ricaricabile è un’ottima scelta perché permette di spostare la lampada dove e quando si vuole.Null’altro da aggiungere. Lampada marchiata “Giantrio” non bella esteticamente ma molto utile: perfetta da usare come luce notturna o, meglio ancora, quando va via la corrente elettrica. A questo punto, solo il trascorrere del tempo potrà dare un giudizio definitivo sulla sua durata.⭐⭐⭐Se questa mia recensione vi è stata utile (o, più semplicemente, vi è piaciuta) premete pure il tasto “Utile”

  6. m’Lady Elfm’Lady Elf

    This is very trendy little product that makes a lovely glow on a nightstand or a bookshelf. It has three levels of brightness so you could use it as a softly glowing nightlight, or you can turn it up to full brightness and light a corner of a room. It comes with a USB cord, so it’s really plug and play, with no set-up involved. Place it, plug it in, and voila, instantly a warm, comfy glow emanates. And the sleek, cylindrical design makes it fit in with any kind of decor.

  7. Zachology101Zachology101

    This is a perfect lightweight light for camping or mobile use around your house. The light is adjustable and easy to use. Highly recommend!

  8. Chris Bell

    So this thing looks like it came out of a bargain bin at a discount store. This is all plastic and it looks very cheap. With that being said it does work. The light is a soft yellow tint. I personally would use this is a kids room as a night light. It isn’t too bright but bright enough to give a little light.

  9. Mary-in-InternetMary-in-Internet

    ⭐ PACKAGING e DESCRIZIONE ⭐Così come descritto viene consegnata una bella lampada con batteria interna ricaricabile, ben protetta all’interno di una scatola stilizzata utile nel caso volessimo regalarla.Insieme alla lampada riceviamo anche un cavetto di ricarica USB.La lampada è costituita prevalentemente in plastica di buona qualità, ma sempre plastica.Tra le caratteristiche la possibilità di impostare la luminosità con un semplice tasto touch.Che dire di più, mi aspettavo qualcosa con una qualità migliore, ma comunque la lampada mi è piaciuta, da tenere su un tavolo o sul camino, da usare sporadicamente ed in caso di necessità.Spero di essere stata utile.Mary.

  10. Suzie MSuzie M

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     This lamp is very lightweight and kinda cheap feeling but I do like it. I just wish the base was heavier to prevent it from tips. It has 3 settings for brightness which is good. There’s a little lamp that’s included which is a handy reading light and very bright for it’s size. I’ve included a photo with a soda can for size.

  11. S. Miller

    The lamp isn’t the nicest looking and definitely feels a bit cheap. It’s very lightweight.However, it works easily and has the charging feature which is nice. Works as a touch lamp if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s just not the nicest looking lamp.

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