Nonstick Frying Pan,Non Stick Granite Fry Pan,Egg Pan,Omelet Pans,Stone Cookware Induction Skillet Pan, PFAS-Free, PFOA Free,Dishwasher Safe(White Granite,11-Inch)

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KOLEX offers you the best quality with honesty and fairness, we have 15 years of experience in the non-stick cookware industry, we are producing and selling directly from the factory, allows us to offer the higher quality products for you.

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  • Easy To Clean : Omelet Pans can help you solve sticky or difficult-to-clean problems. Oil stains can be easily removed with just a soft sponge or rag
  • Suitable All Stove:Suitable for induction cooktops, gas cooktops, ceramic cooktops, electric cooktops and infrared cookers.
  • Ergonomic Handle:The KOLE sauce pot has ergonomic woodgrain bakelite handle ,you can grip it comfortably. Good heat resistance let the handle stay cool while cooking.The cooking pan with high temperature resistant tempered glass lid could directly observe the food,making it easy to control the cooking process.
  • Non-Stick Marble Coating :KOLEX Nonstick granite material, SGS & EUROFIN approved. With 100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, our skillet ensures your daily cooking is always safer and healthier.
  • WObble-Free Base&Heat Up Quickly and Evenly :The bottom of this pan connects smoothly to the cooktop, so it won’t wobble easily when you’re making food,Conducts heat quickly and evenly, retain heat longer, saves energy and time which allows it to be placed evenly over heat source.

25 reviews for Nonstick Frying Pan,Non Stick Granite Fry Pan,Egg Pan,Omelet Pans,Stone Cookware Induction Skillet Pan, PFAS-Free, PFOA Free,Dishwasher Safe(White Granite,11-Inch)

  1. Sydney Markle

    This pan has weight to it. I have used it for bacon, eggs and pork chops so far. It’s definitely non stick although I always use a little butter or oil depending on what I’m making. Cleaning is a matter of wiping it out with your dish cloth, nothing sticks. For value and quality I’d highly recommend this.

  2. trevor

    Great quality

  3. Basira

    I have been searching for a reasonably priced frying pan that was nonstick AND not too heavy. This is IT! Very easy to clean too.

  4. Kindle Customer

    Highly recommend this one . Nice weight not to heat or to light. Cooks food evenly.

  5. cd

    Bought this after I bought a smaller one. Good size, easy to clean, nice color. Wish I had found these before buying a full stainless steel set.

  6. Sara Smith

    I can’t believe how beautiful and clean it looks – no matter what I cook. I love this pan

  7. Sarah Lee

    This is a cute lil skillet, good quality

  8. J. WarrenJ. Warren

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     Nice frying pan. I gave this to my mother in law as a house warming gift and she loves itIt’s got a nice weight and balance to it but it’s not as heavy as cast ironI like the wood handle. It feels cool and it looks really nice I think

  9. Ann Larsen

    It is working as advertised

  10. Dixie Chicken

    This cookware is not only high-end functional but so nice looking. I’ve seen lesser quality in stores at higher prices. Awesome purchase.

  11. Katherine M.

    I was tired of the non stick pan that were never level on my cooktop, I bought two of the 9.5” and am ordering the 11” today. Very nice, sturdy, when I put eggs in they don’t all slide to the front of the pan. love it.

  12. Jeff

    I needed a smaller size pan. And didn’t want to spend an enormous amount of $ on one. And so far. This one is working great for me. Good purchase.

  13. Blessed

    Love this pan will purchase another, just bigger.

  14. TheRedDragonTheRedDragon

    This frying pan is awesome. Attractive, substantial but not overly heavy, and easy to clean, at least so far. The handle is also super smooth. Will probably purchase more items from the collection.

  15. S. Cunningham

    This skillet is great. I don’t have to use oil or Pam when cooking in it. Eggs just slide right out. Cleanup is easy too. Granted, I don’t use this more than a couple of times a week. I haven’t found anything that sticks to this pan. I just wipe it with a paper towel and hand wash with warm water and a little soap. I never put it in the dishwasher.

  16. AmazonAddict

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     I love this pan! The handle is so smooth and has such a great feel to it. I made eggs with egg whites, zucchini, cheddar cheese, pink salt, Romano and sour cream. When that was done, I heated up an avocado. Not one thing stuck and cleaned with ease.

  17. Selina Lima

    Me encanto, hago mis huevos sin grasa y no se pagan, buena Calidad . Gracias

  18. Amazon Customer

    very good

  19. $BOB

    Sized just right for a single egg omelet.

  20. naz

    I’ve used this for over a month and its still non stick, I just wish they made other pans in the black wood style. Seems like they just make this pan :(*

  21. Happy shopper

    Nice color, well made, light weight but stay in position.I can fry my favorite dishes especially tofu with no mess, oil won’t splash everywhere.

  22. aicle

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     you know those nonstick pans that adertise the egg just sliding off but when u try it , it does not work. But in fact sticks like crazy…. Well this is NOT that pan. The egg really does just slide off. With little to none oils or butters. i have not tried it for high heat sautee or frying yet but i dont think ill use this pan for that.

  23. Derek D.

    This is a GREAT pan, never been easier to flip an omelette. Hasn’t scraped either

  24. Arkieinthecountry

    This pan is super easy to clean and even though I’m not a good cook my eggs, easy over, don’t break as they almost always did with our earlier pan which was much harder to clean. It’s big enough and heats evenly. The price is reasonable and this pan looks quite nice on the stove top.

  25. SmithHausSmithHaus

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     I’ve been searching for a good omelet pan that was a good size. I always find some but they are always way too small or way too big! This one is perfect. I like cooking my omelets with two eggs and a bunch of meat and cheese and onions whatever I’m feeling that day!This pan is 9.5 inches and is granite nonstick! I love this because I don’t need to use oil or grease when cooking. It doesn’t stick to the bottom or get stuck flipping right over! I love how this one is deep too so I can load it with all my veggies in it and it always comes out in the perfect shape! This pan heats up pretty quickly and is lightweight and loves the easy grip handle! Super easy to make the perfect omelet, love this pan!

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