Med SPA Care Silicone Scalp Massager for Improve Blood Circulation Firm Skin,Exfoliating Body Scrubber, Whole Body Massage Wet & Dry Brush,Anti Cellulite Massager,Shower Brush & Shampoo Brush(Rose)


  • ?LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY – For travel. This silicone scalp massager handle made of TPE material, and the ABS material detachable massage board, the silicone material massage nodes, which is soft and gentle on the skin, durable and also eco-friendly. Silicone is a natural and safe for the skin, with no toxic chemicals, and easy to clean. Compact and the dual-handle allows easy pick-up, grip and slide motions to massage.
  • ?SMOOTH & FIRM SKIN – Sturdy silicone nodes gently massage, helping stimulate circulation to help renew your cells and produce more collagen, smoothing and firming skin. This exfoliating body scrubber for use in the shower too, acts like a wet & dry brush use for face massage, back and whole body skin exfoliation.
  • ?PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION – The silicone back brush invigorating the tissue for increased blood circulation, through stimulating the lymphatic system to drain unseen excess fluids. A scalp massager hair growth of stimulate good helper too, this head massager use on scalp, skin & muscles, great for all parts of the body. Consistent, daily use will give you the best results.
  • ?ANTI CELLULITE – Handheld cellulite remover and cellulitis massager, helps evenly distribute fat deposits, helps your skin release metabolic waste & toxins. This best ssilicone body scrubber helps remove cellulite with specially nubbed surface, for reducing cellulite on legs, butt and thighs. Do not rub on dry skin, use with anti cellulite massage oil or Ylang essential oil or Ginger Massage Oil can improve your experience. Works Best in conjunction with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.
  • ?MULTIPURPOSE: You can use for as shower brush & shampoo brush, also use this body massager to ease tension in sore or relieve fatigue & release stress. Aand even work hair products into your scalp. The perfect scalp brush! PERFECT QUALITY GIFT – For your family and friends included with exclusive Chinese Acupuncture Therapy points guide E-book that really works for families self-healing.

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RELAXING – Tackle tension, invigorate your skin, help stimulate circulation for a radiant glow and soothing relief to your whole body. Re-activates cellular activity by mechanically stimulating your skin using a pleasant and non-aggressive technique.
NURSING – With a healthy, balanced diet and exercise to battle cellulite over time.

How to use:
– Lather up body with cellulite cream or oil.
– Massage buttocks, thighs, or other body parts in a circular motion.
– Do not use on dry skin.


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