Adhesive Towel Hook Bathroom Towel Hook Heavy Duty Adhesive Wall Hooks for Bathroom Living Room Kitchen 3-Pack

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EASY TO INSTALL: This adhesive wall hook is very easy to install, just peel off the hook protector on the back and stick it to your desired position, no drilling and no damage to the wall.

STRONG LOAD-BEARING: This wall hook, strong stickiness, not easy to fall, has high viscosity and high load-bearing capacity, the maximum load-bearing capacity of the 3m hook is 15 lbs.

WATERPROOF AND RUSTPROOF: Black sticky towel hooks are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure quality and longevity, as well as rust and corrosion resistance for long-term use.

WIDE RANGE OF USES: This hook can be installed in every corner of the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, study and office, with a beautiful appearance and can be used in any scene, very convenient and practical.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Each piece of this hook is individually packaged, if you are not satisfied with the sticky hooks, please feel free to contact us for a full refund, we are always ready to serve you, order today and enjoy our bath sticky hook.

13 reviews for Adhesive Towel Hook Bathroom Towel Hook Heavy Duty Adhesive Wall Hooks for Bathroom Living Room Kitchen 3-Pack

  1. M. Sanchez

    Cute and simple! Strong hold, just put them up in kitchen for towels and apron. Holding up good so far

  2. Aerdnna

    I attached 2 of these to the back of my front door. I wanted my kid to be able to hang his coat and backpack on them. I followed the directions to the letter. Waited 24 hours to hang anything on them. His backpack is small and only has a spiral notebook in it. His coat is lightweight. The morning after he hung them from the hooks, one had come down. The next afternoon, the other followed. The hooks had come off of the adhesive. I used 3M office hooks and they lasted months before they fell. I thought these would be better. Nope!

  3. BookerBooker

    Firstly, I got these mostly for appearance, but the function is absolutely there as well.The adhesive sticks just as you would expect it to, and after letting it rest for 30 minutes or so to be safe, I rocked it a little bit to see if it had any “play” in it sticking in place and it was very firmly held to the surface.Here you can see me using it for basic cable management, but I also installed one on a sliding glass door so it can hold a solar panel for a bit of energy savings, and it’s held the solar panel flawlessly for the past week. The panel weighs around 7 pounds, for reference. Very nice!

  4. PJ

    I used these hooks to hang macrame hat holders and they work perfectly! I had several issues with other brands falling off whenever I put more than two hats on it. This stuck immediately (you just have to peel off the sticker) and I didn’t have to wait for it to adhere before I started using the hat holder. It’s been up for a few days now and I am happy to report that it has not fallen down.

  5. Oxana Martiniouk

    What can I say about hooks? Great color, modern look and stick on perfectly. Great product

  6. FoolyDoolyFoolyDooly

    One of the easiest DIY projects for your home is getting a nice beautiful hook with an adhesive like this. One we had for our home was over 10 years old and actually started looking moldy no matter how much we cleaned it, so it was time to get a new one.The black stainless steel look makes it very shiny and cleanly polished. It claims to be rust-resistant but I haven’t tested that because I just got it. But I can definitely say she sticks very easily and holds great. And comes with 2, but I only needed one, so I shall keep the extras as spares I shouldn’t need any time soon for.I’d buy more of this if I ever needed more.

  7. Jessica Muranyi

    I’m really happy with this purchase; as advertised and looks great.It’s good quality product

  8. Julie Primo

    the adhesive towel hook is the perfect choice for your steam room. Its compact size, strong adhesive backing, and resistance to steam and moisture make it a reliable companion for your towels. Say goodbye to clutter and enjoy the convenience of having your towels easily accessible during your steam sessions. With easy installation and damage-free removal, these hooks provide a seamless and efficient organization solution for your steam room.

  9. JohnnyJohnny

    These are VERY sticky. To the point I almost regret the placement of it, I tried pulling on it hard and probably to the point I could rip the wood. It’s worked great for my hats which I always leave one at the entrance. It’s low profile enough that it doesn’t stick out, but sticks out enough to hang a ton of different things on it. So far I love this, I almost want to grab more for my tools since garage conditions in Texas are as humid as a bathroom. Soni totally recommend getting these if you need something VERY sticky.

  10. T. Johnson

    These hooks are way better than the 3M hooks. I had a bigger hook and towels would always slip off. the 3M hooks are hard to remove from flat paint surfaces once I took it off well the paint came off too. I like these new black hooks because the hand towels don’t slip off. I used one for hanging my robe. I used another one to hang the larger towels on the back of door. All seem to be holding up quite well. I haven’t removed them yet to find out if the paint comes off too. I really enjoy these and will be buying them in the future.

  11. Taylor

    It’s a nice one , got it for my bathroom. Hold my towel perfectly fine .

  12. Nikunj

    Very handy and good looking feature for home.No need to drill, just stick and forget.It has pretty good holding power.Looks classy as well.

  13. kim miller

    This hooks work good. I put one in my shower and it’s still up. The glue is strong and hold up. I would recommend this product.

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