Nail Arm Rest Cushion | Nail Armrest Stand for Nail Art | Manicure Hand Rest Pillow | Microfiber Leather Arm Rest Nail Table Hand Rest for Nails Toenails (White)

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?Professional Nail Arm Rest – Newly upgraded design nail arm rest with 8 kinds of accessories. Its larger size makes the working process easier and more comfortable. This nail art armrest is ideal for professional and personal use. It can be used for toenails and fingernail trimming.

?Proper Size – Cushion Size is 16.9″ x 5.9″. The nail armrest for toenails is well designed and properly sized, which will make the manicure process easier and more comfortable, so it is perfect for nail salons and personal home use for both toenails and fingernails.

?Sturdy & Comfortable – No slippage. The nail art hand rest is made of high-quality microfiber leather, soft and comfortable. The armrest of the stainless steel leg of the nail table with silicone rubber on it prevents slipping. The nail art footrest is larger in size and can withstand a larger weight, which is better than the normal nail art pad. ?You can also put a sponge patch on the bottom of the silicone rubber if you want to enhance slip resistance.

?Ergonomic Design – The arm rest for nails elevates the customer’s hand for a better view and operation, and its design improves your posture. The unique style of the nail armrests can reduce back pain and relieve hand fatigue. The nail table manicure table is suitable for almost all UV lamps.

?Easy to Clean – You can easily clean the microfiber leather nail holder with a damp cloth or rag, just the right amount of mild soap and water. After washing and cleaning, wipe off the excess water with a dry towel and you will have a clean and tidy nail pad.

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Our Nail Arm Rest is versatile and can be used for hands or feet.

It can fit a UV lamp or two underneath the table.
You can also put a sponge patch on the bottom of the silicone rubber if you want to enhance slip resistance.
The fabric is easy to wipe clean.
The screws were already in the base so you had to remove them in order to attach the legs by screwing them right back in the holes.
You can also use an electric screwdriver to take out the screws. It can be faster to remove the screws.
Good for professional salon use or in home use.

11 reviews for Nail Arm Rest Cushion | Nail Armrest Stand for Nail Art | Manicure Hand Rest Pillow | Microfiber Leather Arm Rest Nail Table Hand Rest for Nails Toenails (White)

  1. ByFaithMTByFaithMT

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     This was a lot larger than anticipated, fit two full sized UV lamps underneath. It’s very stable, but bulky to store. This would work good in commercial applications because it is so heavy duty and best stored stationary. It’s comfortable but firm. Easy to clean.

  2. MJ

    Nail Arm Rest Cushion – WhiteThis is a nice LARGE pillow hand rest for a manicure but since it is super-sized it will also work for pedicures if you have a base to place it on. It does need to be assembled but it is pretty quick and comes with 2 extra screws and an Allen wrench. It took maybe 2 minutes to put it together. The top is a microfiber leatherette and is cleanable but I think if you got polish on this, it would be there for good.The cleaning directions state to only use something like a baby wipe but no acetone or alcohol since those could destroy the finish. Also, you can use a lint roller to remove any stray polish – that works like a charm!This measures almost 15.75 inches long and is 5.37 inches wide. It has a 5.5-inch rise and works perfectly to keep your back straight while working. This is really well made and is very sturdy. If you use this on a desk, your nail-curing light will slide right under it easily.

  3. JeanetteJeanette

    This arm rest makes both doing and receiving a manicure so much more comfortable. It’s sturdy and provides a good elevation/angle. The fabric is easy to wipe clean and the feet hold it steadily in place.

  4. tmax

    This is so great it really helped me with doing manicures on all my test subjects( thanks guys) it puts the hand in perfect position so I can learn to do a manicure and acrylic nail application without making a huge mess on their hands or table or on me! Yes I’m a newbie and I’m learning and this has helped me a lot. I really do believe if you have the right tools it makes what you do so much easier and this is a prime example! I love how this hand rest is so comfortable it’s design I feel don’t create a pressure point on the wrist which causes the fingers to hurt and it’s sturdy so no worries of it bending or folding in on itself if you press down on it. Also it’s design makes it easy to clean and keep clean so no worries of contamination between (in my case test subjects lol but for the experienced) clients. Great product and it’s something a newbie like me or an experienced nail tech should have in their tool kit.

  5. Katielmo

    This had nice leather material that’s easy to cleanIt’s super big in a good way it works for hands for feetIt’s very sturdy tooSeems very nicely made

  6. ?Shemira?☀️?Shemira?☀️

    It is well made, great quality.Very easy to install.16 screws need to be unscrewed, and install 4 legs on the position.It will be much faster with electric screwdriver.I started with a regular Philips screwdriver, I went out of patient on removing the 3rd screw.I grabbed my electric screwdriver out, and it was done within minutes.It comes with a little nail accessories, very useful.Top cushion is soft, leather material, and easy to clean.It is a big and long size armrest stand.It is super sturdy.I am 100LB petite female, and I can sit on it without any problem. (I am not supposed to, but I was testing out how strong it is)Acceptable on weight, easy to carry around.Good for professional salon use or in home use.Very nice armrest stand. No complaints.

  7. ThePlainOldT

    This Nail Arm Rest Cushion by HeavenBird is extremely nice, and it’s so easy to put the legs and anti-slip pads on! I used an electric screwdriver to take out the screws on the bottom to put the legs on, but you can use a manual screwdriver. It went so fast and so easy! It would be just about as quick to do it with a regular phillips head screwdriver.The armrest is much nicer than I expected. It has a large cushiony surface and is very sturdy. It will be so much more comfortable when doing my nails and toes, as I’m always leaning over in an uncomfortable position.It will accommodate any shape and size of hands, arms, or feet. Not only will it be great for doing my own nails, but also when I’m doing clients’ nails. It is a great height and the surface is super easy to clean and disinfect.This nail rest arm cushion is great for home use or professional use. Being a Nail Tech for over 30 years years, I would definitely use this in the salon. It is a great help when doing my own nails and others’. It looks fabulous, is very sturdy, the perfect size and height, is easy to assemble, and oh, so comfortable. It comes well packaged and would also make a wonderful gift. I love it and would absolutely recommend it!

  8. AnyssaAnyssa

    Perfect armrest for doing nails. It is actually a lot bigger than I expected it to be. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and seen the size of it and that it also comes with a some nail accessories. Even though it is pretty large, my nail lamp still does not fit under it like i’ve seen others have. (not a big deal but something to keep in mind if that is something you’re looking for and you have a larger UV lamp) The top is very cushiony. It was easy to assemble. Definitely can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a nice arm rest!

  9. Lola

    I use this when doing my own nails and my friends. It’s great to help stabilize your hand to get a more precise application!

  10. Happy ? Mama!!!Happy ? Mama!!!

    This is a very useful and roomy arm rest! Super easy to setup just put on screws and your done! Very very strong and STURDY!! I have even used it as a foot rest lol! It really is big enough to fit 2 regular sized one handed uv lamps!! Even my double handed MelodySusie fit! Very impressed and extremely satisfied with this!! Perfect addition to my nail collection!

  11. SharShar

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     This nail arm rest is good material! It was so easy to set up. I love the buffers and nail manicure stuff it came with. Definitely perfect for a nail desk and to do nails with comfortable and its a great size!

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