Science Can Microscope for Kids

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Pocket Microscope 60X-120X with 12 PCS Prepared Slides

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  • DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS: Science Can microscope designed for educational applications. Microscopes for children easy to operate and imaging clearly. Once they learn how to use it, they will find that there is an amazing world waiting for them. Learning while playing is a great way to inspire children to explore.
  • 3 IN 1 MODE MICROSCOPE: The mini pocket microscope is the best scientific toy for observing insects and plants outdoors. The vertical microscope mode allows children to explore like a scientist. Cell phone microscope mode to take pictures to record observations.
  • HIGH QUAIITY AND SAFE MATERIALS: Kids microscope made of ABS acrylic material, safe and child-friendly. The microscope can switch between 60x-120x magnification. It has a powerful LED lighting source, cells, insects, microorganisms, etc. can be observed through adjustment. 12pcs prepared slides are included in the science kit, powered by 1 AAA battery (not included).
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL GIFT: Give a fun educational science kit gift to your boys and girls age 8-12. Make scientific investigation with your kids with this microscope kit. Ideal for the little scientist to observe, learn and explore more about biology and histology
  • BEST SCIENCE INVRSTMENT FOR KIDS: Smart choice to get this science kit as a gift for the age of 8 9 10 kids. When children see the microscopic world under the microscope, they will love this science kit and increase their interest in nature.

10 reviews for Science Can Microscope for Kids

  1. K. Varraso

    When I got my first microscope, it was illuminated by moving a mirror into and out of the sunlight, hoping to light up the item on the slide. It worked some of the time, and hurt your eyes a fair number of times because you reflected too much light onto the slide.This is a cooler and much safer option. It has an LED to light up your slides, so you can look at slides in any weather without blinding yourself. The slides are plastic, which is much safer than the glass slides (especially the cover slips, which slipped into the skin of your feet in seconds). The manual is also decently written, so even an eight year old can get something out of playing with this, while a 13 year old won’t be bored.I really like this as a STEM gift for any of the kids in your life, as long as you are willing to spend an hour or two joining in the fun. Too many educational gifts are lousy, because the kid is expected to play with and entertain his or her self. People don’t usually learn that way, and if you give the gift, be prepared to discover together. (Just my 2 cents)All in all, a great first real microscope for kids.

  2. Loyal L


  3. RK

    War alles in Ordnung


    At first all I saw was white and nothing would focus. My daughter who is studying A level Biology set it up, she says to use these steps:1 use green lever and put the scope right down onto its lowest setting2. Turn the eye piece to its minimum 60X3. Turn the Focus wheel to focus until the image is clearIf you want to zoom in closer to the details, then move the eye piece towards the 120x and re-focus again using the focus wheel.The phone attachment is amazing and we have some clear and impressive scientific photos.

  5. Janet Grace

    My grand-daughter is the most curious four year old ever. Having grown up right before the pandemic took hold of the world, she is very tight with her folks having only known them for the first two years of her life. My point is that she is like a mini adult. With both of her parents being scholars, the apple did not fall far from that tree. This is the perfect gift for her given I know that she will be using it under strict supervision from her parents and those who can monitor her. It says that it is for ages older than she is, but Tiny Braniac is crazy smart and mature for her age so yeah, I think this is the perfect gift for TODAY’S GENERATION. THEY’RE ALL BRILLIANT. BUY THIS FOR THEM!! NO TV, NO TV, NO TABLET, Give them a chance to grow their own ideas through music and science. Yes!

  6. Helen Clifford

    This is a little item but is amazing sharpness that you can see anything in it

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great educational product

  8. Raul Fernando Gutierrez Amaya

    excelente para niños y muy portable

  9. C. Bellingham

    My five-year-old daughter wanted to be able to see the ‘bugs’ on her hand. While the magnification on this microscope might not quite do that, it has still been a great way to introduce her to the ‘little world’ around us. Using the eyepiece and focus wheels, etc. is a bit tricky for her, but when the phone attachment is added it really brings everything to life for her (it just takes a bit getting used to). Being able to use it on the stand or just in your hand is also great. She can’t wait to take it outside and explore the little world further!

  10. baby momma knows

    Honest review here.This is a great gift for kids and a great way to learn too!It’s a beginners microscope kit. Made of high quality ABS acrylic materials that are safe and child friendly.It is a high definition magnification microscope with illumination. Requires 1 1.5v AAA battery.Great for home schooling and or just learning and fun.It has high magnification and allows for 60x and 120x.HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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