Walsilk Automatic Drip Irrigation Kits for Garden, 30M Adjustable Micro DIY Irrigation Kit Plant Water Saving System Heavy Duty Tube Watering System Kit for Patio Lawn Garden Greenhouse Flower Bed

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  • 149PCS DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM KIT – Includes 98FT 1/4″ tubing and 148 fittings for watering plants at one time. The drip irrigation kit is enough to cover small gardens up to 120 square feet. * Insert the tube over the second barb on fittings can prevent popping off.
  • GARDEN WATERING SYSTEM – Contains a Y connector and it is easy to divide the water mainline into 2 independent tributaries. * Note: Some customers feedback that Y connector (standard 3/4″ tap) cannot adapt to the standard garden water tap, get a quick-connect Faucet Connector for it.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRIP IRRIGATION KIT – Watering irrigation system kit comes with 30 x 1/4″ barbed nozzle tees for 30 sprayers and 20 x 1/4″ nozzle tees for 20 misters. All of the sprayers and misters are adjustable to meet different water flow needs. Customized watering for your plants in pots.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Simple instruction included, you can install the kit as the instruction, or just use the needed fittings and connectors to customize the watering tributaries for your plants. * Use a hairdryer or hot water to soften the end of the tubing will make the connection easier.
  • VERSATILE GARDEN IRRIGATION KIT – Max. Water Pressure: 20 psi. To ensure better watering, it is recommended to install each branch under 10-15 feet, and 8-12 drip emitters or spray nozzles on a single hose in use. The drip irrigation kit for outdoor plants is great for raised bed, agriculture, landscape, lawn, patio, greenhouse, vegetable irrigation, roof cooling, flower beds, and more.

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Walsilk Adjustable Micro DIY Drip Irrigation Kit for Patio Lawn Greenhouse

Drippers and Nozzles are adjustable to meet different water needs, and it is perfect for agriculture,lawn,garden,patio,greenhouse,swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation.

Drip Irrigation Set Watering System for Outdoor Plants

The irrigation tubing is made from quality, UV resistant materials, unmatched resistance to chemicals. A nice gift for family!

Walsilk DIY Irrigation Plant Watering System

Compared to manual watering, water saving up to 70% ! The drip irrigation kits for small garden is a good gift choice for your friends and family who is garden planting enthusiasts on Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Birthday Day and Christmas Day.


  • Y-type Water Separator – Euipped with a Y connector that can be individually switched,so the two watering lines can work independently without affecting each other.
  • Make a Layout Firstly – Just easy to install our micro drip irrigation watering system without digging or plumbing skills.
  • 30M 1/4″ Heavy Duty Tube – The irrigation tubing is made from quality plastic material, unmatched resistance to chemicals.
  • All Fittings You Got – Contains a lot of fittings, choose suitable nozzle and connector according to needs of your garden. NOT have to install all the fittings.
  • Adjustable DIY Irrigation Kit – All of the sprayers and misters are adjustable to meet different water flow needs.
  • Fixed Rods Help to Fix Nozzles – Includes 30pcs fixed rods to help fix the drippers. You can fix it on the ground or in the greenhouse.
  • Easy For Your Garden Work – You do not need to water your garden everyday with this garden watering systerm
  • Wide Applications – Perfect for agriculture, lawn,garden, patio, greenhouse, swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation.Walsilk Easy-to-Install Drip Irrigation Set

How to Install:

1. Make a layout of drip irrigation system firstly to refer the simple instruction or DIY by your needs.

2. Make sure the water pressure is enough for the dripirrigation kit to work well.

3. Use a hairdryer or put the end of tube into the hot water for seconds to make the connection easier.

20 reviews for Walsilk Automatic Drip Irrigation Kits for Garden, 30M Adjustable Micro DIY Irrigation Kit Plant Water Saving System Heavy Duty Tube Watering System Kit for Patio Lawn Garden Greenhouse Flower Bed

  1. Rguy13

    Putting this together requires some patience. The red drip irrigator doesn’t fit into the Y plastic piece easily; I actually had to cut the bottom to make it more narrow and core the inside of the Y adapter. I thought I was doing it wrong but in fact these the Y adapter is hard plastic and does not allow for pushing in the irrigator.After fitting everything together however, there is a ton of irrigators and length to allow for an good amount of irrigation area. Unfortunately, the green hose Y adapter was also leaking around the washer and with the green compression restrictors, the irrigation line doesn’t have enough pressure if there is any upward areas to the line. It has to be on completely level plain.Considering all the cons at the price however, it is still far better value than what you can get at Home Depot or Wal-Mart.

  2. NkNk

    Bought this to water couple of my raised beds and few grow bags. As weather is getting hotter, it gets difficult to water the plants at regular intervals.Installation is pretty simple and straightforward. I connected the Y splitter to a timer and set it to run at regular intervals. It came with close to 100ft 1/4 inch pipe. It also 2 different emitters depending on the need. I connected 2 lines from splitter with both extending around 15ft. It works decent. Adjust the emitters to match your need.This system is working as expected so far. Make sure you are using this system for smaller areas. If your area is larger, go for 1/2 inch or 1 inch. I used weed barrier clips to firmly hold the pipe in position. Now my plants are getting enough water at regular intervals.

  3. Robert Jenkins

    I did not use the hose connections provided as I already had a 5/8 supply around the garden. At this time my system just needs flow adjustments which with this product can be quite tricky for beginners. I am a beginner(year2).My supply pressure from my pump and household water are different but once I regulate this variant I will have a better idea on how this product preforms. So far so good.

  4. Ray King

    Seems reliable so for

  5. danette a clark

    I had to replace all of the T connectors with double barbed T connectors. They kept falling off the black hose.

  6. Z T in Astatula FL

    The attachment to the hose bib / outdoor spicket has different threads and will not attach… I had to go to Home Depot and buy the Rainbird 1/4″ tube to NHT Spicket attachment ($1.95). other than this everything else was spot on and I am feeding my garden water. Was very easy to layout and install the drippers.

  7. Jessica Silva

    I was going to be out of town for a few weeks. So I bought this to keep my plants maintained while I was gone worked great

  8. Kandi

    I leave town a lot, and I worry about my plants. I am so happy I bought this watering system! We went on vacation for 5days, set the system at a drip, and came home to happy vegetable plants! lol

  9. matthew

    Fair warning. I consider myself both reasonably flexible and fairly handy. I found this product easy to assemble and use. No instructions needed. It took about two hours to build and I expect it to last a few seasons. I will say I have only had the experience of turning it on and haven’t tested it over time. I did have trouble connecting the plastic parts to the faucet connector without them cross-threading be careful!

  10. Kenny R.K.

    Everything for the water-drip system except the water and plants. All connect options, all in one package.

  11. Julie Meisinger

    So I assembled the tubing and emitters, no big deal. But when I went to attach the hose adapter onto my faucet- IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. The threading tape that was suppose to be included WAS NOT there. The plastic adapter is junk. Impossible to thread. So I am getting ready to leave to go get new hose adapters so I can actually use it. Disappointed.

  12. M stano1

    Highly recommend for using to water basic parts and small pants

  13. Michael J. Iaconis

    I set this system up to automatically water multiple planter boxes. I first tried the drip nozzles and they did not work very well. When using several of them on the same line, some of them did not sprinkle the water very well. I then tried the misting nozzles and they worked very well. When setting up the system, if you leave the hose in the sun, it makes it much easier to connect everything. Overall, the system is working well for me.

  14. Steve Cz

    Like – lots of connections. Only two connections to a hose. Purchased a Garden Hose Adapter 3/4-Inch Hose Thread 1/4-Inch Tubing Adaptor. Also needed more tubing but that was my configuration.Unit does not connect directly to hose connection. You need 3/4” GHT X 3/4” NPT Male Connector, Brass Garden Hose Convert Adapter Fitting to avoid stripping plastic threads. I’ve only used it for three days but it so far has met all my needs.Also added a hose timer to turn on the system on a regular basis automatically.

  15. Melinda MullinsMelinda Mullins

    Good system for the money. Super easy to install however I gave this 4 stars because the hose kept blowing off from the fittings. so we purchased small zip ties to hold the hose to the fittings. Directions say put the hose in warm water then connect to the fitting, we did that and they still kept blowing off, zip ties fixed the problem as seen in pic.

  16. Ronnyconstance

    Nozzle leaks in several places. Good product for the price. I can buy a better nozzle.

  17. David B.

    Connector to garden water hose are not right size. This adapter is for connector to kitchen or bathroom faucets – not garden hose faucet. If you plan use it for outside, make sure buy the adapters that are actually connect to the garden hose.

  18. Jessica Suchter

    There should be a larger main tube that the small poly connectors tie into near each plant because the 1/4” tubing doesn’t send enough pressure long lengths or to 4+ plants. Also the y-connector will is plastic and doesn’t match with U.S. standard thread so it’s pure luck if you can force it on there and not also inherit leakage problems.

  19. NnyNny

    I’ve setup many systems before… For what you get this kit seems great… But nothing fits together… Soapy water and hard pressure aren’t enough to fit any of these “mister nozzles” to the hoses. The dripper tips barely make it, but it’s not easy.Be prepared for cut up or painful fingers at the end of setting up your system. These lines are very hard and inflexible. If you plan to puncture holes to fit the droppers in line you may have done in the past, that also won’t work… The plastic is so hard that it simply won’t expand enough to put the droppers in the hole unless you make an abnormally large hole and risk leaks.I’d say get something else. It’s not worth the pain and effort to make these work unless you have hose expanders and very strong hands and lots of time.-update-there is 1 way to salvage this… Use very hot or boiling water and dip the ends of the hose in it for 3-5 seconds and then push the fittings on… It works and is easy. No other method works. This one method makes this kit go from unusable 3 star to 4 stars

  20. darrel miller

    system didn’t come with a pressure regulator without ehich sustem doesn’t work. pressure regulator should be added to the kit pricing accordingly

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