Waterproof Duffle Bag Travel Dry Bag 80L Roll Top 500D PVC for Motorcycle Tail Kayaking Rafting Boating Swimming Camping Hiking Beach Fishing(80L, Grey)

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  • 【SUSTAINABLE RAINSTORM PREVENTION】Simply fold the bag down 3-4 times,buckle, and you are ready to go! You don’t have to worry about it have no zipper because compared with zipper closures which are more prone to leaks, the roll-up closure of this waterproof duffle bag seals better. No water can entering the bag,no matter it is windy or rainy.
  • 【A WEAR-RESISTANT AND STAIN-RESISTANT】Made by 500D PVC Tarpaulin,material thickness of 0.55mm,PVC coating process (coating material strength is better than ordinary bonding process, material will not peel off), middle layer using 500D 18*23 polyester high density mesh yarn, full bag thin and light,but it is very strong and scratch resistant and easy clean,have good puncture resistance.
  • 【Safe at Night】Total 6pcs reflective strips on the 4 side, greatly improve night travel visibility,drivers can better detect you from a safe distance, reducing risk of collisions.
  • 【Multi-Purpose】Suitable for an enormous range of outdoor activities, no matter hiking, motorcycle, biking, camping, climbing, biking, even water sports like floating, kayaking, paddle boarding, rafting, canoeing, fishing, surfing, and other adventures.
  • 【Multiple colors & size】With Multi-color and multi-size options can meet many outdoor activities.

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Explore the world and never worry about your gear getting wet again with the TAKIT Duffle bag. Every TAKIT Duffle bag is 100% waterproof to protect all your gear whatever the conditions – driving rain, sleet, snow, mud, or raging waters. Designed to hold up your gear, snacks, and electronics, we have 40 liter0 liter80 liter to let you choose, capacity backpacks and duffles are light, durable, and stylish. Whichever size you need, you’ll confidently carry all your gear for your next outdoor adventure. These dry bags will even float. Spend less time packing and unpacking and more time enjoying your next adventure!

11 reviews for Waterproof Duffle Bag Travel Dry Bag 80L Roll Top 500D PVC for Motorcycle Tail Kayaking Rafting Boating Swimming Camping Hiking Beach Fishing(80L, Grey)

  1. Jeremy Klinebriel

    I like the quality and the look of this duffel bag. It is a bigger bag so you can fit quit a big of gear in it. This is waterproof and does have a water proof zipper. I’m actually using this duffel bag for my hunting gear. I’m able to put my good hunting cloths in this duffel bag and that protects them from getting dirty or wet. I believe it helps with odor control. These are the type of duffel bags I like to use for hunting gear. In my opinion the price is great. Most water proof duffel bags I’ve looked at was quit a bit more expensive. Especially the ones I looked at that was this size. They are not cheap. This is a good buy in my opinion.

  2. Ryan

    Disclaimer, I haven’t really tested this bag hard yet. I have used it mostly on rainy days at this point, but nothing like river trips or dropping it in a body of water. Though I’m pretty sure it’s not designed or intended for submersion, I would expect a bag like this to hold up to water accidents like briefly being dropped in water.I got the 80L bag. This bag is very big, and has plenty of room to store things. There is no internal compartments, though, so you have to organize and separate it by hand. That aside, this is built very solidly. It has much more in terms of securing the folding lip, than a typical dry bag that I might take on the water. I feel pretty strongly that this would hold up to that kind of use.It’s not nearly as convenient as a normal duffle bag. It’s a little harder to get in to and close up (which I’d expect). Loading it and rummaging around in it is more time consuming than it is with a regular duffle bag. I wouldn’t use this as my go-to bag, because it’s not very convenient. But as far as using it to keep my items dry, this is going to be my first choice. Rain, boating, beach days, poolside, I’ll be packing my things in this.Otherwise, the handle and should straps are comfortable and convenient. The bag looks sturdy, the stitching on the webbing looks fine and without problems. The ability to get this in multiple colors is a big plus (I got red) in case it falls out of the boat and needs to be retrieved. It also has a pair of straps that also act as compression straps to hold the contents in place and secure the extra-long waterproof opening.

  3. Tom TranTom Tran

    The bag look stylish and easy to carry. It comes with a shoulder strap attachment. There are plenty of spaces inside. I could fit my sneaker, and 5 pair of clothes and still have a lot spaces. The material is genuine leather so we will see how it hold up. The one down vote for this duffle is that it should have a zipper instead of a buckle for the top. Will cole back for update of durability

  4. MJ_Cutz

    Durable! Waterproof! Just what is needed for a day trip

  5. SaraM

    a very good travel bag that hold my items nicely and is waterproof

  6. Megan H

    This is a great bag so far. Quality and material are good and seem durable. The colors are accurate to what’s shown online. Great value for the size of the bag and how much you can hold in it. 10/10

  7. Doebrie Sharda

    thank you very much

  8. Linda

    Great duffel bag! Have used this one to the gym, outdoors and on the go. Got the bigger size so it has plenty of space. I love the material is easy to clean and the zippers slide smoothly to open and close. I’ve had drinks fall on it and it was easy to wipe clean. Very durable! Had it for around two months of use and so far so good.

  9. Scoob

    Perfect bag for any water based activity or adventuring! The material is waterproof and thick. The bag is very sturdy and will keep your items safe.

  10. Nate W

    Got this TAKIT dry bag primarily for camping gear that would be nice to keep dry when placed outside on a rainy camping trip (thus preventing us from having to keep ALL of our gear inside & cluttering-up our living space inside the van). It’s summer right now; having no way of testing this in the actual rain, I packed a moderate amount of clothing and towels into my new bag and tested it in artificial conditions instead.The bag’s contents stayed dry after I took it in the shower with me for a relatively long 10 minute shower. My shower head’s water volume is not super heavy, and all of the water came down onto the bag from above.In order to test the bag in conditions more similar to a torrential downpour with winds, the bag was closed up, taken outside, and placed around a pine tree that was requiring some watering. I then turned the hose on full blast, with the nozzle on the heaviest shower setting possible, and proceeded to spray the bag from different sideways directions (as well as from above). In these heavier water conditions my clothing and towels also stayed dry.All dry bags eventually start failing with use & time, but the TAKIT’s construction (including the seams and the thickness of the material) suggests that this bag will perform at least fairly well for a number of years, especially for me (I’m careful/gentle when handling most of my belongings, eg. I’ve never bought insurance for any of my phones).This bag remained upright for all my testing, and was never submersed in a pool of water. If you were on a rafting trip and the cargo boat with the dry bags on it capsized and was upside-down in the rapids for a while, I would not expect even the most expensive dry bag to prevent at least some of your stuff from getting sopped. But in more normal moisture conditions — such as river rafting splashes or hard rain — I’d expect your upright TAKIT dry bag to perform nicely.

  11. MACMAC

    Great product, value for money. Good for beaches

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