Tennis Ball for Dog, Rubber Floating Squeaky Balls, Interactive Fetching Toy for Small and Medium Pets, 2.5 Inch, Pack of 2

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  • [Playful Squeaky] Equipped with humorous and melodious noises, the squeaker inside helps to pique pets’ interest and attention to inspire them to leap and pursue, as well as to relieve boredom and constructively channel their energy. 
  • [Safe and Quality Rubber] The ball is composed of high-quality natural rubber with texture to ensure continuous bounces and indestructibility. The material is non-toxic and hence safe. A robust toy for small and medium dogs that is easy to throw, fetch, and tug. 
  • [Floatable Ball] With high buoyancy, this YOXOZO ball is ideal for use in lakes, pools, and beaches. It is also suitable for teaching your pets new tricks. 
  • [Indoor and Outdoor Application] You can conduct interactive training to deepen your relationship with your pet thanks to this YOXOZO ball which also works with regular ball launchers. It is easy to wash and is convenient for your pets to play both indoors and outdoors. 
  • [2 Visibility Colors] The dog ball features 2 visibility colors i.e. purple and yellow. These vivid colors make the ball stand out in the grass making it easier for your dog to spot it.

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  • Raise pets’ attention and interest 
  • Easy to throw, fetch and toss 
  • Perfect for the pool, beach or lake 
  • Enhance the bond with your pets 
  • More friendly to dogs’ vision and sight

Squeaky balls that dogs love to chase and chew 

Makes funny and euphony sounds to raise pets’ attention and interest. Surface with grain and texture for easy grasping and chewing. Classic 2.5 inch toy balls for dogs of all sizes and compatible with standard ball launchers.

18 reviews for Tennis Ball for Dog, Rubber Floating Squeaky Balls, Interactive Fetching Toy for Small and Medium Pets, 2.5 Inch, Pack of 2

  1. RT17

    He loves tennis balls but he loves ripping off the fur so these are a great and squeaky alternative!

  2. Mary

    My girl is obsessed with balls. She really enjoys this one. It has a small bell inside and it’s made of a harder rubber so it’s very durable

  3. OOOOli

    Picking the rubber toy, no worries about washing the plushies anymore !

  4. Richard Azzolino

    These balls are great to use for your dog in the pool. They are durable, easy to grasp and have a nice texture that my dog likes to chew on. They have a good squeaker that gets my dog excited to fetch and they float perfectly. Highly recommend for use in or outside of the pool!

  5. Suzanne

    Very tough and rugged

  6. Lucy H.

    My son’s dogs just loved this ball! A lot of play on Christmas day!

  7. Golf2lsGolf2ls

    Really nice ball that squeaks and seems to satisfy. My dog likes rubber balls and especially ones that squeak. She’s happy so I am happy.

  8. Pirate Patty ReviewsPirate Patty Reviews

    We have a very small dog. This ball is a good choice for him. I like that the bell is pretty large and won’t fall out or get swallowed.It is a pleasant jingle as well. The price is good and this is a good stocking stuffer for him.

  9. S. Mae

    Made to last!!!! Awesome dog toys made with materials that will challenge any temperament! I found these to be a higher quality than what you find at typical pet supply stores.

  10. Lani Coelho

    Bought as a present for a friends dog with very limited vision. Makes just enough noise for him to follow it but not annoyingly loud. So nice to see him play his fetch again

  11. Celeste PCeleste P

    These are too big for my small 12lb dog to pick up but that doesn’t stop her from chasing it! Has a good bounce and is made of strong rubber creating a durable fun toy.

  12. Dennis Piper

    our 5-and-a-half-year-old dachshund dog went blind. She loved fetching a ball. Now she can’t see it. Thats why we went to this ball. She is able to still fetch because of the bell.DCP

  13. Co&Be

    My 3-year old Westie loves it when packages arrive. In this case the package was his, so he ran around the house carrying the package and shaking it to break it open. After a chewing session that lasted more than 3 minutes, he started running up and down with the jingling ball in his mouth. Need I say he loved it?

  14. Ladd Roof

    I wrote my first review because I got an email to review a product I had not received. Now that I have received the ball I can say it is what I was wanting for my dog that went blind almost overnight.

  15. Mehgan C.

    My dogs love the rubbery balls over regular tennis balls, so I’m always looking for something new to get for them. They like these–the balls bounce well, and the dogs enjoy chewing them like they’re gum before they finally drop it for me to throw it again. I have 3 dogs of varying sizes and all 3 of them seem to enjoy these the same and neither struggles with the size of the ball itself.

  16. Angie K

    This ball is smaller than I thought it would be but it’s pretty sturdy and way less annoying than the squeaky toys.

  17. Leah R

    I got these to use with the pup because he does a good round either Chuck-it. I was a little concerned that the textured surface wouldn’t work well with the flinger, but they do pretty well. What I was not prepared was the bounce. The very first one I threw bounced over our fence into the yard next door.The balls are about the size of a tennis ball. Maybe a smidge smaller. My terrier can easily carry it in his mouth. I will buy more of these.

  18. Malinda Lewis


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