Moxa Therapy Heating Pad Microwavable Moxibustion Sleep Mask Hot Compress Eyes Steamer/Wormwood Heated Eye Mask – for Neck Pain Relief/Fade Spot/Anti-Wrinkles/Dry Eyes/Dark Circles (Moxa-Eyes-Mask)


  • ?FACIAL HOT COMPRESS SALT BAG: SPA smokeless Moxibustion mask, it is made of Mineral sea salt & Ai cao Chinese Wormwood ect Chinese herb. Using the heat to release ingredinets of traditional Chinese medicine to penetrate the body through the meridians, apply heat to facial care, thus providing promote blood circulation, clearing damp to ward off cold, cooperate light acupressure to rejuvenate tired face, brighten skin, removing black & spots, eviate facial fatiguet, anti wrinkles.
  • ?PERFECT MOXIBUSTION YOGA FACE MASK: To enjoy deep relaxation. The mineral sea salt Anti-inflammatory, moxibustion promote blood circulation and metabolism, clearing damp to ward off cold, relieve physical discomfort and improve sub-health, strengthens resistance, soothe the nerves and sedating the Mind, and keep a good sleeping.
  • ?SPA BEAUTY AT HOME & EASIER TO USE: ?Uesing 1: Microwave high heat for 30 to 60 seconds in summer, and microwave high heat for 30 to 90 seconds in winter. If feel heat is not enough, you can heated for 10 to 30 seconds second time, but can not be heated for too long at one-time. ?Uesing 2: Put in a steamer for 10 to 30 minutes after wrap with pklastic wrap.
  • ?POONTS ATTENTIONS?: 1. Be careful to prevent sunburns skin. Do not steam for too long to prevent scalding skin, and may cause the filling to burn and not have the therapeutic effect. 2. Should be tested the temperature after heating to avoid scalding. Due to differences in microwaves, heating time may vary. ?Store: Store in a sealed bag after dry when not be use.
  • ?GREAT GIFT: Great gift for grandma, mother, wife and girlfriend to moxibustion hot compress facial SPA and eye beauty care at home. ?If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible. We will replace the defective product or refund within 30 days.

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?Product Name: Med SPA Care Moxa Therapy Eye Pillow Eyes Care Salt Bag Heating Pad Microwavable Smokeless Moxibustion Sleep Mask Hot Compress Facial Steamer/Wormwood Heated Eye Mask – for Neck Pain Relief/ Fade Facial Spot/Brighten Skin/Anti-wrinkles/Anti-aging/Relief Eye Fatigue & Puffy Eye/Dry Eyes Moisturizes/Preserve Vision/Alleviate Fatigue/Diminishes Dark Circles/Removing Eyes Bags/Facial & Eyes Care.

?Benefits by Moxibustion:?

?Moxibustion can invigorating Spleen-stomach & Replenishing Qi; Warming the kidney and strengthening the spleen for relieving desertion; Restoring yang and rescuing patient from collapse.

?Moxibustion can warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold; Regulating qi-flowing for relieving pain; Invigorating kidney for improving inspiration.

?Moxibustion can soothe the nerves and sedating the Mind; Nourishing blood for regulating menstruation; Longevity health care. Must remember should drink more warm water than usual (never drink cold water) when moxibustion, so that will help to flush out toxins.

Don’t use the cold water wash your hands and face, within half an hour after moxibustion.

Don’t meals within half an hour after moxibustion, may drink warm water.

Should take a bath or bath face before moxibustion, because the hot bath can make to sweat gland expansion, blood flow to accelerate, moxibustion better results. You can take a shower or wash face. After facial or eyes moxibustion not exceed 1-3 hours. It should be a little hotter than warm water if you need to shower immediately after moxibustion, and ould after at least 30 minutes. If we get a cold shower too soon, the skin pores will contraction, the blood flow to your skin hasn’t time to drain the poison out a lot, poison still stay on your body, and it’s easy to catch cold and sick.


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